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Rapper Semi Homie killed in a Shooting in Washington, D.C

Rapper Semi Homie killed in a Shooting in Washington, D.C
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On Tuesday night, a shooting incident occurred in Northeast Washington DC, resulting in injuries to three men. Tragically, one of the victims, who goes by the name Semi Homie in the hip-hop industry, lost his life due to the severity of his injuries.

The remaining two men were taken to the hospital and are currently receiving medical treatment. The local news covered the incident, highlighting Semi Homie’s role as a rapper in the industry. The investigation into the shooting is still underway.

What Happened with Semi Homie?

Late on the night of February 21, a shooting in Northeast Washington, DC, killed a man. The police department’s homicide branch said the shooting happened around 10:36 pm on Saratoga Avenue.

 The police said the shooting began on Montana Avenue and continued to the 1400th block of Saratoga Avenue. When the police arrived, they found one person unconscious and not breathing. They immediately took the person to the hospital, but unfortunately, the victim died from their injuries.

The U.S. Sun reported that Jones was a rapper named Semi Homie, but the police have not confirmed this. The investigation into the shooting is still underway.

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Investigation into the Shooting that killed Semi Homie

On Saratoga Avenue in Northeast, a shooting hurt three people. Two of them have gunshot injuries that aren’t life-threatening, and they’re getting treatment at nearby hospitals. Nobody knows why the shooting happened yet, and the police haven’t caught the person who did it.

Police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone who can help them find and punish those responsible as an incentive to come forward with information.

The US Sun reported that the shooting might have happened because of a dispute involving Cruddy Murda, MoneybagKZ, and a valuable 100k chain. However, the police haven’t confirmed this yet. Sadly, Semi Homie is now on the growing list of rappers killed by gun violence.

Rapper Semi Homie’s Cause of Death

Semi Homie was a rising rapper from DMV who recently advertised his new song, Deja Vu, on Instagram. Unfortunately, he was reportedly involved in a triple shooting on Tuesday night (February 21, 2023), which led many fans to offer their condolences for the artist.

However, some people are still determining if the news is true since there’s no solid proof to back it up. Fans have used Semi Homie’s last Instagram post, where he promoted his song, Deja Vu, to express their feelings about the situation.

People who admire and other rappers who know the blossoming musician have expressed sincere admiration for him. DJ Key, a local artist in DMV, shared his sympathy for the family of Semi Homie on his social media. Semi’s cousin, Rae, also talked about their shared memories, one of which was when Semi pretended to sing an R&B song.

 Many people on Twitter have shown their love and support for the rapper. Sadly, it’s not clear why the shooting happened or who did it, but the death of Semi Homie has deeply affected both his fans and the music community.