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Paul Murdaugh Girlfriend Claims He Beat Her and Held Her Down by the Throat

Paul Murdaugh Girlfriend Claims He Beat Her and Held Her Down by the Throat
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Morgan Doughty, the Paul Murdaugh Girlfriend, is making headlines after she revealed the abuse she endured from him in a Netflix documentary.

Who is Paul Murdaugh Girlfriend?

Morgan Doughty, age 23, who once dated Paul Murdaugh (dead), decides to break her silence about how paul used to harass her physically and abuse her. their relationship was quite toxic. Apart from being paul Murdaugh’s ex-girlfriend, Morgan Doughty is a dental hygienist from Hampton, South Carolina. Paul and morgan started dating back in their junior high school days.

Following the death of Paul, Morgan, doughty sheds light on their relationship in a Netflix documentary series named Murdaugh murders: a southern scandal. She claims that their relationship was not a normal one.

In the interview given by morgan doughty for the documentary. The character of Paul Murdaugh (who was found dead with her mother, Maggie, after being shot several times on the floor of their residence in South Carolina on June 7, 2021) came out to be like a spoiled school child. Doughty claims that Paul used to drink a lot of alcohol and misbehaved with her; he has a short temper.

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What happened to Morgan Doughty?

Morgan Doughty was not in any social media or news headlines for long, but after a recent interview for the series, she is back in the spotlight.

She brings out the dark side of her and Paul’s relationship and says how the 22year old Paul dragged her in-ground, choked her, and bit her in the face after getting drunk.

She accuses Paul of being a violent person who used to molest her physically many times; she shares it was not like this at the start of their relationship. Still, a fatal boat crash incident in which Paul was accused of the death of Mallory breach, a familiar friend of Paul and morgan, made him more arrogant.

Morgan also shares the incident of one Christmas eve when Paul was too drunk to drive, and she was driving him home when he suddenly argued with her to let him drive. On not allowing it, he abused her physically, and when he tried to call 911 for help, even Paul’s family criticized her.

The couple also tried to break up several times, but each time ends up together until Paul’s death. After a year, now morgan doughty is in front of the camera revealing insights into their relationship and Paul’s character.


Paul Murdaugh was a mentally disturbed person who used to harass his girlfriend physically. Morgan Doughty was traumatized by all these incidents with her that she decided to stay low.