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Keith Melvin Moses: suspected Pine Hills shooter arrested

Keith Melvin Moses: suspected Pine Hills shooter arrested
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A suspect named Keith Melvin Moses was taken into custody on Wednesday after a journalist and a nine-year-old were fatally shot.

Who is Keith Melvin Moses?

Keith Melvin Moses is a 19-year-old recently accused of being involved in a Pine Hills shooting. The shooting involved killing a nine-year-old girl, a 38-year-old woman, and a local TV news reporter.

The reports suggest that he had a lengthy criminal record dating back to January 2018, when he was just 14. The lengthy criminal record involved at least eight felony charges and 11 misdemeanor arrests. 

What happened during the shooting incident?

According to reports, it is said that he shot the 38-year-old woman, Nathacha Augustin, at around 11 AM when she offered him a ride because he ‘seemed down.’

Moses entered the car and then, 30 seconds later, shot Augustin. In shock, the driver pulled over and called the police, during which time he fled the scene.

It was also stated that Keith was a friend of Nathacha. 

Moses then, around 4 PM, started firing on two news reporters, Dylan Lyons and photojournalist Jesse Walden, who were in or near the vehicle.

Lyons is killed during the shooting, and Jesse is in critical condition. 

After that, he entered a housing area and shot a nine-year-old girl, Tyonna Major, and her mother.

Tyonna dies on the spot due to her injuries, while her mother is in critical condition. The witnesses identified him, and the cam around the scene also caught the murders he committed.

Keith Melvin Moses: suspected Pine Hills shooter arrested

Image Source – Click Orlando

Bodycam footage of the arrest released by the police

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department released bodycam footage of the arrest on Thursday.

The bodycam shows two police officers approaching Keith Moses and arresting him. The cam also shows a gun in his pocket, which they also confiscated.

During the arrest, it can be seen that Moses is screaming that he can’t breathe while the officers put him in handcuffs while restricting him on the ground to reduce his movement activity.

During this time, one of the deputies asks him to relax and then tells him that they will help him up.

One of the deputies then checks his pockets to find a gun. He says there is a zero in his pocket (zero meaning a gun), extracted after cutting Keith’s pocket open.

The whole time the suspect is seen screaming, ‘they’re killing me!’ The deputy who extracts the gun Also states that the gun is still hot.

The police say that two additional charges against the two victims who survived will be added, along with the murder of three people, which included a nine year old girl. 

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