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John Motson Obituary And Death Cause: Did He Pass Away from Cancer?

John Motson Die

Motson worked for the BBC most of his career, covering various significant international football events.

At BBC Sports, he covered five FIFA World Cups, 29 FA Cup finals, and ten European Championships. Around 2500 televised games have been spoken by the great commentator.

He began working for the BBC as a sports broadcaster for Radio 2 in 1968, and his debut match commentary was Everton vs Derby County in December 1969. Motson made the BBC aware of his leaving in September 2017. On May 13, 2018, he analysed the game between Arsenal and Crystal Palace. After the Match, Motson was welcomed to the stadium, where the supporters applauded him.

Is Cancer the Reason for John Motson’s Death?

On February 23 2023, John Motson OBE died quietly in his sleep. His death was not explained. Motson’s family issued a statement confirming his death. “It is with great regret that we report that John Motson OBE died peacefully in his sleep today,” stated the information.

There was no evidence that the famed broadcaster was unwell before his death. He was, however, diagnosed with cancer in 2014. According to Fox Sports, he even skipped the World Cup that year in Brazil. While there is no mention of Motson, 77, dying from cancer, there is a good likelihood he did.

Obituaries for John Motson:

After John Motson’s passing, numerous football fans and media outlets have paid their respects and written obituaries on social media. Liverpool great Jamie Carragher said on Twitter that Motson was a true football hero. Many British people, like Jamie, grew up hearing Motty narrate the events and goals of Match of the Day and Cup finals.

John Motson Die1


On Twitter, football icon Gary Lineker paid homage to Motson, calling him a “wonderful commentator and the voice of football in this nation for centuries.” Through social media, Premier League teams such as Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Manchester City, Leeds United, Tottenham Hotspur, and many more paid tribute to Motson.

Family History and Married Lives of John Motson:

On July 10 1945, John Walker Motson was born in Salford, Lancashire.

Since his father was a Methodist pastor, Motson was nurtured in a pious family. He went to Culford School, where football was typically looked upon, with rugby and cricket being the more critical sports. Motty started working for the Barnet newspaper in 1963 and then moved on to the Sheffield Morning Telegraph in 1967.

Anne Motson was John’s wife. They had been married for 43 years and had one son, Frederick. John Motson will be remembered warmly for contributing to our favourite football games. Motty, may you rest in peace.

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