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Who is Killer Of Rapper Nipsey Hussle? Sentenced to 60 years in prison

Rapper Nipsey Hussle
Source : The Mirror

For killing famous rapper Nipsey Hussle, the man has been sentenced to 60 years in jail. In 2019 he killed the Nipsey Hussle outside of his clothing store. Eric R. Holder was the person convicted for this crime, but the actual name of his Ermias Ashedom.

He Killed the rapper Hussle at the age of 33. Hussle is also very popular among the audience, as he was once nominated for Grammy. Two other persons were also injured in this incident.

After hearing a letter from Holder’s father also listening from Hussle’s friend, H. Clay, Superior Court Judge H. Clay Jacke declared Holder’s 60 years sentence in jail.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Source : The Guardian

He was also found guilty of voluntary manslaughter for two persons in that incident and guilty of murder. He got sentenced to 60 years of jail after one month trial. Currently, he is not eligible for the death penalty, and it is much expected that he will receive this type of life sentence.

At the time of the announcement, he was wearing orange jail attire and did not give any unexpected reaction after his sentence was read out. According to the other news source, Holder’s attorney is all set to appeal to the higher authority.

Aaron Janse, attorney of Holder said, “It was always going to be tough given the high-profile circumstances surrounding the case,”This incident was pre-planned, as told by the Prosecutors in the hearing, while Holder’s attorney said that all things happen in the heat of the moment during the court hearing.

Holder was provoked in the conversation with Hussle about some rumours that he was cooperating with the police, as told by Holder’s defence team in the court.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Source : Reuters


On behalf of the Associated Press, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John McKinney told the court that Holder shot Hussle more than ten times and kicked him in the head; after all this, he fled.

Netizen’s reaction on this event

Heavenly Nisha

I mean, he is already in his 30’s, I believe, so he will be 90ish if he is ever released. That practically is LIFE. Honestly, he may never make it out; you know how many ppl want him dead that are already in prison. Sad part is working ppl will be paying for him while he is in prison from taxes. This entire situation is sad all the way around.

Cassie Gilbertson

So how long until this fool is eligible for parole… I’ll be shocked if he even makes it that long. Can’t hide in protected custody forever! Definitely should have got LIFE without parole!! 🙄

Kimberly Wall

I think he should have received Life without the possibility of Parole.
It took this long to sentence him.
Rip Nipsey
I’m sure there are so many people in there waiting to see him.

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