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Daniel Lamothe, Santa Cruz County Volunteer Firefighter, died in Training.

Daniel Lamothe, Santa Cruz County Volunteer Firefighter, died in Training.
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On Sunday, a tragic incident occurred at Ben Lomond Training Center. A Santa Cruz County Fire Department volunteer recruit named Daniel Lamothe passed away during a joint firefighter academy training session.

The 38-year-old Lamothe reportedly went into medical distress during the session, and despite receiving prompt medical attention from trained personnel on the scene, he was unable to be revived.

The county released a statement expressing condolences and offering support to Lamothe’s loved ones during this difficult time.

Who was Daniel Lamothe?

Daniel Lamothe was a person who aspired to serve his community, and he found his calling in becoming a firefighter.

His dedication to public service was admirable, and he set an example for others. It is worth noting that Lamothe also had other talents – he was a co-founder of the band Stellar Corpses.

The county and the band confirmed that Lamothe played a significant role in its formation, having served as a former bassist and co-founder under the nickname “Mothman.”

What Happened to Daniel Lamothe?

Tragedy struck during a volunteer firefighter training session over the weekend. Santa Cruz County officials announced the death of Daniel Lamothe, a recruit from the area.

Lamothe, who was 38 years old and a resident of Santa Cruz, reportedly experienced distress while participating in the training session at Ben Lomond Training Center on Sunday. 

Despite receiving prompt medical attention from experienced personnel on the scene, efforts to revive him were ultimately unsuccessful.

The county expressed its condolences to Lamothe’s family and friends in a statement released to the press.

Daniel Lamothe Cause of Death and Obituary 

On Sunday afternoon, a solemn procession of over 60 fire and law enforcement officers paid their respects to a fallen comrade as a fire truck.

The coroner drove through the sheriff’s office area on Soquel Avenue. The cause of death is currently under investigation by the sheriff’s office, and an autopsy will be performed to confirm the details. 

The firefighting department, the Sheriff’s department, the County, and the family and friends of Daniel Lamothe grieve this heartbreaking loss.

His Band members also shared their condolences on social media, remembering his first meeting with Lamothe.

A tragic incident made the department more careful than ever in its training sessions. Even after receiving immediate medical care, Daniel could not be saved. 

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