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A multi-vehicle crash west of Sydney closes the highway and hospitalizes eight people

Great Western highway crash
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A crash between a truck and many different vehicles on a highway west of Sydney resulted in the closing of the Highway. Three people were trapped, and around eight people were hospitalised after the incident. Let’s check out further details on this page.

A multi-vehicle crash happened on the highway west of Sydney. On Wednesday, Emergency services reached the collision spot between a truck and several cars at Great Western Highway near Shortland St in Wentworth Fall.

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This event happened at around 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Due to this high-level collision, all the main lanes blocked the whole traffic area.

The injured people toll reached ten people, and all were taken to hospital. Injured people were treated by the NSW Ambulance paramedics.

As per the latest news, The Great Western Highway to the west of Scott Avenue at Wentworth is closed. The Highway was closed in both directions due to this big multi-vehicle accident.

The public is advised to avoid the area for a few days to correct the Highway. You can check further details: before travelling.
— NSW Police Force (@nswpolice) February 22, 2023.

Two patients were admitted to Westmead Hospital, while one was taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital. While there were taken to Nepean Hospital, and one was admitted to Liverpool Hospital.

Source: 7News

Three people were trapped in the car. They are later freed by the Rescue officers. Motorists were advised to avoid the Highway for the upcoming few days. Police started the investigation on the scene.

Public reaction to this accident

Fiona Langby

2 in today’s at my tomahawk and 1 yesterday on the other Highway what is going on with peoples driving

Ian Webber

People don’t know how to drive to the weather conditions, the winding road that it is,and other traffic around them.

Colette Stratford

People need to leave a bigger gap so they have time to stop. Whatever happened to the 3 second rule?

Sue Farrar

They need to stop speeding, tail gating and drive to the winding conditions. It’s not an easy road on the best of days !!! Massive trucks speeding , cars overtaking on dangerous curves. Seen it all every time we drive along that route. Maybe a police car needs to be patrolling that area or at least a speed camera.

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