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Who is Pharrell Williams wife- Helen Lasichanh? How many children does they have?

Pharrell Williams
The Hollywood Reporter

Pharrell Williams is a famous American rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter.

Pharrell Williams joined hip hop in the early 1990s with his college friend Chad Hugo in the R&B production duo The Neptunes. With these, Pharrell produced songs for many recording artists.

Pharrell Williams in 1999 at N.E.R.D. Jisco Williams became the lead singer of the band, along with Chad Hugo and drummer Shay Haley.

Pharrell Williams has been recognized as one of the biggest successes and influential producers of the 21st century.

In 2006, Williams released his first solo album, “In My Mind”. Pharrell Williams’ biggest hits are “Get Lucky” and “Happy”.

Pharrell Williams won 13 Grammy Awards, including Producer of the Year, Non-Classical.

In 2022, Pharrell Williams released many songs, including “Down in Atlanta”, “Cash in Cash Out”, “Just a Cloud Away”, “Stay with Me”, “Neck & Wrist”, and “Movie Stars”.

How old is Pharrell Williams?

Pharrell Williams’s age is 49 years. Pharrell Williams’s full name is Pharrell Lanscilo Williams. Pharrell’s birth date is April 5, 1973. Pharrell Williams is from Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.

Pharrell Williams’s Parents are Carolyn Williams and Pharoah Williams. Pharrell Williams’ lineage goes back several generations in North Carolina and Virginia.

Pharrell Williams did his studies at Princess Anne High School and Northwestern University. Pharrell Williams’s nationality is American.

Who is Pharrell Williams wife- Helen Lasichanh?

Pharrell Williams’s marital status is married. Pharrell Williams wife’s name is Helen Lasichanh. Helen Lasichanh is a fashion designer and model.

Pharrell Williams Wife


Pharrell Williams married his long-time girlfriend on October 12, 2013. Pharrell and his wife, Helen, have four children – Rocket Eyre Williams, born in 2008, and triplets, born in 2017.

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichan are still living together. The couple has played the role of their life and loves very well.

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