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Rosemary Tongo, Girlfriend of Nathan Mbawa Dies in Hospital

Rosemary Tongo, Girlfriend of Nathan Mbawa Dies
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Over the weekend, Nathan Mbawa, a prominent journalist from Zambia, passed away along with his girlfriend in a car crash. The unfortunate incident occurred when Mbawa and his girlfriend, Rosemary Tonga, traveled together.

What happened to Rosemary Tonga and Nathan Mbawa?

Nathan and his girlfriend, Rosemary Tongo, had a terrible car accident on February 19, 2023. They were driving towards Lusaka, the capital of Zambia when the accident happened at 2:00 am at the 6 miles roundabout on the Great North Road. Sadly, Rosemary suffered severe injuries and was taken to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), where she later died. Nathan Mbawa also lost his life in the same accident.

It’s important to mention that Serah, a best friend of Rosemary, was also traveling in the same car during the accident. Thankfully, Serah was unharmed and suffered no injuries during the unfortunate incident.

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How did Rosemary Tonga and Nathan Mbawa die?

Rosemary and Nathan were met with an accident while driving together. They were taken to the hospital, where Nathan was pronounced dead. Rosemary suffered injuries and passed away in the hospital during the treatment. Rosemary’s death was confirmed by her sister Khadija Mumba on social media. Colonel Jeremiah Mbawa, uncle of Nathan Mbawa, announced his death on social platforms.

Rosemary Tonga and Nathan Mbawa Obituary

Nathan was a well-known Journalist in Zambia. He and his girlfriend, Rosemary Tonga, will be laid to rest today. Nathan died just 11 days after celebrating his Birthday. The family and friends of the pair are devastated by the tragic news. His wife and kids survive Nathan.

Nathan Mbawa, famous for being a TV host and musician, made a prediction about his death on December 23, 2022, in a post on Facebook. He said that one day the world would wake up without him. Then, on December 31, 2022, he posted again, expressing his feeling and wondering if it was not yet the time for his prediction to come true.