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In Springfield, Illinois, Vose’s Korndogs was Founded by Bob Voss, Who Passed Away at 94

Bob Voss Springfield Illinois died

Bob Voss will pass away on Monday, Feb 20, 2023, just at 94. We regret to inform you. Bob was well-known for various achievements, including his work with Korndogs. Everybody who knew him will be greatly missed.

Who Exactly was Bob Voss?

Bob Voss was a popular and well-respected member of the Springfield, Illinois, community, recognised for his outstanding work with Korndogs and devotion to several charitable organisations. He was also a member of the Springfield City Council and was interested in maintaining the flavour and tradition of his area, notably the North End, which he loved.

Bob’s steadfast dedication to preserving his neighbourhood reflected his deep-seated ideals and desire to touch people around him positively.

Bob’s warmth and kindness went well beyond his civic and professional accomplishments. He was a beloved part of the family and a good friend to many, always willing to listen and provide a hand. Many people in the area liked him because of his personable nature and pleasant demeanour, and they regularly gathered in his garage to eat bowls of chilli that Bob himself had made.

Bob Voss Died in Springfield, Illinois; What Caused his Death?

Bob Voss’s death at 94 devastated his family, friends, and admirers. At this moment, the specific reason for Bob Voss’ death is unknown. Bob Voss, known as the “King of Korndogs,” founded Vose’s Korndogs in 1966, a business that quickly became a favourite at the Illinois State Fair.

His love of food and devotion to his art won him a place in the local food scene as a legendary character.

Bob’s path to becoming the “King of the Korndogs” took an unexpected turn. Robert started selling his homemade korndogs after one of the fair vendors became ill.

Funeral and Obituary Arrangements:

Bob Voss’s family has indicated that information on his obituary and burial arrangements will be released later. Although the community mourns the death of this respected man, his loved ones are reflecting on his life and legacy. People who knew Bob and were affected by his compassion and generosity will come together to remember him and celebrate his extraordinary contributions to his community.

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