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How did Dr. John Kriekard Die? Let’s Look In Detail At What Happened to John Kriekard?

Dr. John Kriekard Die

The loss of John Kriekard will be felt deeply by all who knew him. It was a shock when John Kriekard’s passing was revealed via social media outlets on Monday, February 20th, 2023. Let’s look at John Kriekard to see why he had such a significant impact on his neighbourhood.

Who is Dr John Kriekard?

Armed forces veteran John Kriekard devoted his life to serving and enhancing his community. He was also a beloved friend, husband, father, and grandfather. John attended Kalamazoo College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts before running for office in Arizona’s 8th district in 2010. He joined the U.S. military after graduating from college. S. Before returning to Michigan to start his teaching career, he served in the Army as a captain and spent two years as an instructor at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. For 25 of his 28 years in public education, Kriekard served as a principal, assistant superintendent, or superintendent in different school districts in Michigan and Arizona. He was the superintendent of Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) from 2002 to 2011, and he left the field of public education in 2012. After 38 years of working with kids in Michigan and Arizona, he retired from public service in 2014 while still providing consulting services to SUSD.

Community Impact of John Kriekard:

John was dedicated to promoting educational excellence through enhanced teaching strategies and student resources throughout his life to support children in realising their full potential through education. To ensure that everyone had access to quality educational experiences that would prepare them for academic and professional success throughout their lives, he was also actively involved in initiatives for leadership development at all levels, including teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and students. Kriekard served on many committees, including the National Association of Secondary School Principals Leadership Task Force Steering Committee, the American Institutes for Research Advisory Group, Education Leaders, and the Arizona State Board of Education Advisory Council for the sole purpose of enhancing educational opportunities for kids with throughout Arizona.

How did Dr. John Kriekard Die?

He had a large following of well-wishers, so the news of his passing on February 20, 2023, shocked many. One thing is sure: those whose lives John touched will remember him fondly for a long time, regardless of what precisely caused his untimely passing.

Obituary for John Kriekard:

John Kriekard was unique; his dedication to enhancing education is indisputable due to everything he accomplished during his lifetime. We will cherish the memory of him as someone who, through commitment and perseverance, worked tirelessly to better our communities while supporting others in their pursuit of success in their academic or professional endeavours. John Kriekard’s cause of death has not yet been made public, but we honour him today by celebrating his life to the fullest. Michael Jann Greenburg, Hearing of Dr John Kriekard’s passing makes me incredibly sad.

Dr Kriekard, a lifelong educator, beloved friend, husband, father, and grandfather, served in our armed forces and devoted his entire life to giving back to and bettering his community. The opportunity to work with him was a privilege. I pray for blessings in his memory. Gary Shaphiro, Today’s news could be better. John Kriekard, the former head of Scottsdale Schools, passed away. He’s one of my heroes and always has been. I cherished him as a brother. I was accompanied by John, Scott Menzel, the current superintendent of SUSD, and Duane Sheldon, the former superintendent. A collective treasure. May he be blessed in memory.

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