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Kevin Groves, a well-known football player, unexpectedly passed away.

Kevin Groves, a well-known football player, unexpectedly passed away.
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Kevin Groves, a proud life member and devoted supporter, passed away. The Mount Pleasant Football Club community is declaring his passing.

Kevin was committed to cooking after practice and had previously played for the football team.

Who was Kevin Groves?

Kevin Groves is a devoted Mount Pleasant Football Club life member and supporter. Who is also known by the nickname “Ickle”.

He had a long association with the Mount Pleasant Football Club. His sons and grandson all played for the club, continuing his legacy as a former player.

Ickle was a devoted club member who, between 1984 and 2016, he has spent more than 30 years preparing the boys’ post-workout barbecue cooking. He kept playing football for a very long time.

His contributions to the Mount Pleasant Football Association will be cherished and remembered, and his legacy will remain to motivate present and future club members.

What was their career of Kevin?

Kevin was a true gentleman who continued to be interested in club news and outcomes even after he left the neighbourhood and entered care at Old Beach. However, he was very much committed to the football team group.

He was regarded as the group’s legend. He was well known for his steadfast commitment and support to the group. He had been very supportive and dedicated to the group’s expansion.

Kevin Groves Cause of Death?

The exact cause of Kevin’s death is unknown now; his loss has left many people feeling empty. We will inform you of the cause of Kevin Groves’ demise.

There will be a memorial service for Kevin. The community will have the chance to gather to pay respects to a man who devoted a significant portion of his life to the Mount Pleasant Football Club.

Given that the Oatlands RSL is a local organisation that values service and sacrifice, it is a fitting place for the memorial.

Those who knew him will always carry his memory with him, and the club will continue to be motivated for a long time by his unwavering support.

Tribute to Kevin Groves:

Social media has been flooded with condolences for Kevin, with numerous users expressing their love and appreciation for him.

Although Kevin Groves’ passing has left many grieving, some who knew him will always carry his memory in their hearts and minds.

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