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Alo Bandz cause of death, What Happened to Alo Bandz

Alo Bandz cause of death
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In a Clairemont park, a San Diego rapper was shot and killed. A San Diego rapper named Alo Bandz has been identified by his family.

Alo Bandz’s real name was Caesar Eduardo Lopez Sandoval, but he went by his stage name. 

He was a talented artist whose music was loved by his many fans. He had gained much popularity since his start in the music industry, having about 20k followers on his Instagram.

Who is Alo Bandz?

He has been making songs since 2019 and has made many songs and released many albums since then. Most of his songs were about his rise into the music industry and all the challenges he faced along the way. His music had a way of catching the attention of all his fans. Days before his death, he had been teasing new music for his fans.

Some of his works include:

  1. But that – 2018 
  2. All Facts – 2019
  3. Spazz Out -2020
  4. Back at it – 2020
  5. Watch this -2022
  6. Ballah – 2019
  7. UNDERSTOOD -2022
  8. Return of the bandit -2023

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Alo Bandz Cause of death

On February 19, it was confirmed that Alo Bandz had died due to the fatal shooting during the Clairemont Park shooting. He was just 22 at the time of his death.

He was shot numerous times in the chest during an encounter at the North Clairemont Recreation Complex Center, as his cousin said.

The police are still searching for the two men who were spotted arguing with him during the same time he died. Witnesses who were there at 4421 Bannock Ave suggest that it was during 11:50 A.M. 

During the commotion of the fight, one man took out his gun and shot him multiple times, after which they fled the scene.

Even though he was rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced dead soon after.

The police still have no accurate information about the suspects since all the witnesses gave very different descriptions about the two men suspected of the murder of Alo Brandz. But they are still further interviewing the witnesses.

Alo Bandz Obituary

 A memorial has been set up at the same scene where the shooting occurred. Many balloons, flowers and candles have been placed at the memorial site.

All the fans expressed their heartfelt grievances on his account, expressing their emotions about the death of their beloved rapper. 

They also expressed their condolences to his family members, having lost their precious and talented son to such a brutal murder.

Many will always remember him for his dedication, creativity and passion towards his music.