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Who is Leiji Matsumoto Wife? Know about Leiji Matsumoto Cause Of Death

Who is Leiji Matsumoto Wife
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Leiji Matsumoto, a legendary manga artist, dies of a heart attack. Many people want to know who is Leiji Matsumoto’s wife and what caused his death.

Leiji Matsumoto Cause Of Death

The cause of death for Leiji Matsumoto was acute heart failure. He died at the age of 85 on February 13, 2023.

Leiji Matsumoto was a famous Japanese manga artist who also created several anime series. Some of his works include space operas, which include Galaxy Express 999 and Spaceship Battle Yamato. Modus Operandi usually included strange mythological worlds and melancholy environments.

Who is Leiji Matsumoto Wife?

His wife, Miyako Maki, was also a Japanese manga artist. She was also one of the earliest female manga artists and became one of her generation’s most famous shojo manga artists during the 1960s.

Maki Miyako Personal life

Maki Miyako was born on July 29, 1935, in Kobe Hyogo, Japan. She later married Leiji Matsumoto in 1961. Not much else is known about her other than that she left her career path to becoming a traditional full-time housewife.

Miyako Maki Career

Maki contributed to the Shojo Manga world throughout her early years before becoming a wife. She also created manga for adults, which included Gekiga and Redikomi.

She created her first manga in 1957, but it was rejected as the publisher and Tokodo director, Osamu Tezuka, refused to publish it due to a lack of skills. She was later given an original script, Red Snow, which Tezuka made to improve her skills.

Later she created her second manga, Haha Koi Warutsu, which was later published. Through this manga only, she made her professional debut. She then started working as a publisher in major publishing houses like Kodansha, Shagakukan, and Kobunsha.

She also created Genji Monogatari, for which she received the Shogakukan Manga Award in 1989. She has also received the Japan Cartoonists Association award and the Montreal International Comic Contest prize for her other works.

Leiji Matsumoto Wife Other Works

Her other works include Akujo Seisho, Seiza no Onna series, and Barairo no Tenshi.

She was inspired to create Licca-chan, now regarded as the Japanese version of Mattel’s Barbie dolls, by her manga Maki no Kuchibue. Licca-chan is a character from the video game Dorimumikkusu Tivi: Warudo faitazu. Some other characters included Takao Kinomiya, written by Takao Aoki, and Solid snake, written by Hideo Kojima.

In 2016, Leiji Matsumoto and Miyako maki held an exhibition, combining around 250 of their works, including their hand-drawn sketches, anime cels, photos, and various publications. Apart from this, they have also collaborated on various other works.

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