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What Exactly is Miles Pfeffer? Chris Fitzgerald, a Fallen Temple Police Officer, was Shot and Murdered by a Suspect

Who is Miles Pfeffer

According to authorities, an 18-year-old Pennsylvania man named Miles Pfeffer will most likely face murder charges after allegedly shooting and murdering Temple University police officer Chris Fitzgerald, who was on duty when he was slain near the institution on Saturday night. Let’s take a closer look at it.

What Exactly is Miles Pfeffer?

Chris Fitzgerald, a 31-year-old Temple University police officer, was tragically wounded on Saturday night while responding to an incident near campus. According to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Miles Pfeffer of Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania, was captured by US Marshals and Bucks County police for the murder of Temple University Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald.

Miles Pfeffer, What Happened to Him?

According to the Temple University Police Association, Pfeffer was apprehended using the deceased officer’s handcuffs.

According to the complaint, the incident occurred in North Philadelphia at Montgomery Avenue and 18th Street and began with the police officer trying to halt a carjacking. During the intervention, the police officer, subsequently named Chris Fitzgerald, was shot and ultimately died at Temple University Hospital.

The defendant was seen on CCTV camera shooting a pistol at the officer after confronting the police physically and engaging in a foot chase. When Fitzgerald was shot, the suspect allegedly stood over him and fired five more shots into his head and face, according to the affidavit. After the altercation, the suspect tried to take the officer’s weapons and a car. The guy was overheard saying, “Give me the keys or I’ll kill you,” just before stealing a vehicle and fleeing the scene. According to the lawsuit, his mother eventually picked him up around 29th Street and Ridge Avenue and drove him home to Bucks County. Several firearms were also taken from Pfeffer’s mother’s house. Even though she was at home when she was arrested, the mother was also detained for interrogation.

According to the local station, Pfeffer’s brother was with him when police tried to halt the carjacking. Still, according to law enforcement authorities, he hid in an alley during the encounter. According to investigators, Pfeffer is suspected of some crimes, including the murder of a police officer, robbery, and carjacking. He is not eligible for a bond.

Chris Fitzgerald’s Bio:

Chris Fitzgerald, the dead officer, was a dad and spouse who joined the police in October 2021.

Joel Fitzgerald, a former Fort Worth police chief, was Fitzgerald’s father. The Fort Worth Police Department published a statement regarding Fitzgerald’s death on Sunday, saying they were proud of his “selfless service and commitment to protecting and serving the public.” Fitzgerald’s death is the first fatal shooting of a Temple University campus police officer in more than three decades, according to Ken Kaiser, senior vice president and chief operations officer.

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