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What Caused Henry McDonald’s Death? Reason for Death and Obituary for Belfast Journalist

How did Henry McDonald die

Henry McDonald, a 57-year-old South Belfast journalist and novelist, has died. In detail, let’s look at how Henry McDonald died and what caused his death.

What Caused Henry McDonald’s Death?

Henry McDonald, an accomplished novelist and journalist, has died. The 57-year-old father of three died on Sunday at a Belfast hospital. He had been sick for a while.

McDonald supported Everton of the English Premier League and Cliftonville of the Northern Ireland Football League. He has two girls and a boy as a result of his marriage. At the Irish Writers Centre and the Dublin Business School, where he taught journalism and feature writing, he also dated author June Caldwell for 12 years for a portion of that period.

Death of Henry McDonald:

We regret to notify you of Henry McDonald’s death. Henry McDonald was thought to be a pleasant guy. With the recent news, many people must be curious about the cause of the death of Henry McDonald. The end of Henry McDonald has left the community in shock.

What Exactly was Henry McDonald?

Henry McDonald was a Northern Irish novelist and journalist. He worked as a journalist for The Guardian and Observer until becoming the political editor of The News Letter, one of Northern Ireland’s leading daily newspapers, in 2021. McDonald wrote extensively on the Troubles and related subjects. He attended St. Malachy’s College while growing up in South Belfast’s Irish nationalist Markets neighbourhood. McDonald belonged to the Workers’ Party, an Official IRA-affiliated left-wing organisation that split from Sinn Féin in the early 1970s.

He toured the German Democratic Republic with the SFWP’s youth wing in the early 1980s. He wrote extensively on Northern Ireland’s paramilitary groups, including the Irish National Liberation Army and the Ulster Defense Association (UDA) (INLA). Along with the now-deceased Jack Holland, he co-authored the INLA-related book INLA – Deadly Divisions. The book was first released in 1994. in addition to co-authoring books with Jim Cusack on the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), he wrote about paramilitary groups loyal to Ulster.

He also penned Martin McGuinness: A Life Remembered, Colors: Ireland – From Bombs to Boom, and a biography of Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) leader David Trimble. When working as a staff reporter for Belfast’s The Irish News in the 1990s, he edited the youth sections.

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