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Sadie Huffer passed away after Turnagain CrossFit building collapsed

Sadie Huffer passed away after Turnagain CrossFit building collapsed
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Sadie Huffer was from Anchorage, Alaska. On 17th February, she was involved in an accident which caused her demise. Her passing came as a shock to her family, friends and loved ones. The accident occurred on 17th February 2023 on the Friday. She married John Paul Huffer and was a mother of three children.

Sadie Huffer Cause of Death

On 17th February, Turnagain CrossFit in Alaska had a partial ceiling collapse before ten minutes of Friday Night Lights, the first night on which CrossFit open was supposed to begin. Sadie’s sister, Sarah Ransom, announced her passing on Facebook through a post. Her family was devasted after hearing the news. Sadie came there to do the 23.1 CrossFit open game.

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Sarah Ransom’s post about the accident

Sadie’s husband, John Paul Huffer, had told Sarah Ransom to tell the news to everyone. Her family was devasted by hearing the news. Sarah Ransom posted the news regarding Sadie’s death on Facebook. In the post, she wrote,

 “ We are devasted to share that my sister Sadie Huffer has died in a building collapse in Anchorage in Alaska. She is a daughter, sister, wife and mother to a family that is deeply suffering but thankful that she is now in the hands of God”.

“We are blessed to have so many family members in Alaska for support and grieving.”

Everyone who came to know about the incident was shocked, but they all showed their love and support to Sadie, and she will be in their prayers. Sarah also thanked everyone for their support and asked them to share their photos and stories.

Fundraiser for Sadie Huffer

After the tragic accident in Anchorage, Alaska, Brittany Andree created a GoFundMe page to help Sadie’s family with funeral expenses. The fundraiser had a target of Dollar 50,000. It was heartening to know that the target was met with donations of the same amount.

In Soldotna, Alaska, the owner of CrossFit Kainos initiated the fundraiser. It received a tremendous amount of support from the affiliated owners across the state as well. All the donations were sent to John, Sadie’s husband, providing some relief during the difficult time.

Obituary and funeral arrangements

In the coming days, Sadie Huffer’s family members will release her obituary and funeral arrangements. Currently, there has been no official announcement about the memorial service.