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Nicola Bulley’s husband speaks of his ‘agony’ after police found a body in their search.

Nicola Bulley

At River Wyre, a body of Nicola Bulley was found on Sunday. Lancashire Police confirmed the news still the body is yet to be identified. Around 11.30 am on Sunday, the force was alerted after a couple of people watched, scrambling at the investigating scene.

What happened with Nicola Bulley

On Sunday afternoon, the body was pulled from the river, and now the Lancashire Police are working on d formal identification.

Nicola Bulley

Source : The Mirror

On January 27, Nicola Bulley disappeared from the village of St. Michael’s in Wyre, Lancashire, in the morning. She also took her springer spaniel, willow, to the river.

Her dog was found running alongside the river while her cell phone was discovered on the bench after she was declared missing.

Police Investigation

Lancashire Police, former chief superintendent Bob Eastwood talked about the case. They said the issue of Nicola Bullye might be a “Watershed moment”, and we are also investigating the matter through this angle.

Eastwood also give the personal information about Nicola Bulley “When I first heard the police had released that, I cringed, but I didn’t say anything; I didn’t put anything out on my social media because I didn’t know the full facts and didn’t know why they had taken those steps.

“Some hours later, the family gave a press release indicating they were aware the information was to be given out and they’d given it out because somebody had sold a story to the press and that information was going to be given out as an exclusive.”

Nicola’s husband said about his ‘agony’

Nicola Bulley

Source :

Nicola’s husband shares his extreme pain after police discovered the body in the river. One news reporter tried to contact her husband through text, and he replied that “No words right now, just agony.”

Netizens’ reaction on this incident

Mark Strong

Have you ever tried scuba diving in a river? It is like putting a bag over your head once you get underwater. The sediment in the water means it is as black as night and impossible to see anything, so you are going purely on feel. I’m not surprised that divers didn’t find her.

Olivia Flynn

It’s never good news when a loved one has been missing for three weeks but please God today this lady’s family will be given closure & time to grieve if she’s found privately 💙

Paul Thompson

Sonar, thermal imaging, drones, divers for three weeks , specialist teams… and she turns up under a mile away?? …. What a carry on At least the family have some closure now

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