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Maplewood Mall Suicide : An FYE store owner hanged himself

Maplewood Mall
Source : BCNews24

A suicide incident happend at Maplewood Mall in Minnesota on Saturday, Feb. 18th 2023. According to the reports a store owner allegedly committed suicide inside the shopping center.This incident happend because the Maplewood Mall was partially closed.To know more about this incident keep reading this page.

The police investigation is still going on in the case. As per the information the shop owner commit suicide by hanging, in the store. The store’s location is 3001 White Bear Ave, Space 1015A, St Paul, MN.

What happened at Maplewood Mall

On this Saturday , an unfortunate news is coming from Maplewood Mall in Maplewood, Minnesota. An Owner of the shop committed suicide by hanging in the shop. Law enforcement agencies is not tell anything about the identity of the store owner due to ongoing investigation.

Maplewood Mall

Source : Wikipedia

But reportedly the person was the the owner of the famous FYE Store. The cause behind the death and particular detials are still unclear; more things will be revealed in the upcoming days.

After the incident the mall was partially closed, and police was present there after the incident. It is a very shocking to the residents and hard to belive that her co buddy died tragically.

Many people thinking about the reasons have pushed the person to take steps like suscide.

Reason behind the death of Maplewood Mall Owner

All the store owner was stunned on saturday when they found a store owner committing suicide inside the mall. The reason behind the death is not clear yet , police trying to invsitage with all angels.

Maplewood Mall

Source : YouTube

Police tried to find any Eye-witness to fetch more information about this tragic event. They are trying to finda any person who entered before or during the tragedy. They also searching suspicious person nearby the Maplewood Mall.

Public reaction on this traedgy

Anthony Nolovelost Buchanan

The store looks like it was closing depression is real

Jennifer Niedermayer

Yeah and this is the post the mall had up right after…..they are foul. That mall should have been closed for the day. Instead of a “delayed start” Smh

Marley Niedermayr

praying this story don’t make any sense to be suicide

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