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Former World of Sport presenter Dickie Davies has died at the age of 94

Former World of Sport presenter Dickie Davies has died at the age of 94
Image source: The Times

The ITV world of sports presenter Dickie Davies dies at the age of 94.

Who was Dickie Davies?

Dickie Davies was one of the most famous and recognized faces in the late 60s and, for the next two decades, ruled the television industry as a sports presenter on famous shows like the afternoon show of the world of sport.

The presenter belongs to Cheshire, England. Dickie remained with ITV even when the show came to an end.

He started presenting different sports and later became part of covering the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

The star presenter left the channel after two decades in 1989 and joined the original euro sports. He presented the snooker game there.

Dickie later joined the classic FM, but he stopped working after suffering a stroke in 1995.

When the star recovered, he started his show called Dickie Davies Sporting Heroes in the late 90s.

Former World of Sport presenter Dickie Davies has died at the age of 94

Image Source: Sky News

How did Dickie Davies die?

Dickie Davis, the presenter of ITV world of sport and a successful TV sports presenter, died yesterday morning on 19th February 2023.

Dickie suffered a natural death and left this world with his great memories and a beautiful smile to remember.

The ex-world of sports presenter Jim Rosenthal on Twitter announced the news. He tweeted that announced with great sadness that Dickie Davies had passed away.

Dickie Obituary:

Davies lived a long life and faced a lot of things in his long journey in the television industry in Britain. On his death, his close ones and colleagues from different channels expressed their views on this occasion.

The current sports presenter at sky sports, Jeff stelling, also commented that dickie was one of his inspirations and that he grew up watching that man.

Mark Pougatch, who presents football on ITV also expressed his emotions by tweeting that people like mark are walking in the footsteps of the giant (Dickie Davies)

Gabby Logan from BBC also expressed his views on the occasion by saying that dickie was one of the very best. Even Richard Keys said that Dickie was a kind man and a brilliant broadcaster.

Dickies’ wife Liz celebrated her diamond wedding anniversary with her husband last year and now is facing such a difficult time. The couple has two sons, who are also very sad about their father’s passing.

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