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Christopher Fitzgerald Death: Temple University officer killed in the line of duty

Christopher Fitzgerald Death
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The suspect is arrested for the shocking homicide of Temple University officer Christopher Fitzgerald on the 19th Feb Monday. A fast investigation of the alleged homicide proved beneficial in tracking the 18-year-old suspect Miles Pfeffer.

What exactly happened with Chris Fitzgerald?

On-duty Police Officer Chris Fitzgerald was on call to cease the robbery incident across 18th street, Temple University.

In this incident, he was trying to chase and stop the accuse, but it went very traumatic. Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald was shot dead by the 18-year-old accused, Miles Pfeffer.

Sources claimed that Pfeffer shot Chris Fitzgerald, and after he fell on the road, he again made a few shots at the head of Chris Fitzgerald. Pfeffer also made an unsuccessful attempt to mug Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald.

Who is Christopher Fitzgerald?

Christopher Fitzgerald was a Temple University Police Officer.

His father, Joel Fitzgerald, was also a Former Police Chief of Fort Worth. Chris has been serving at Temple University Police since 2021.

After the alleged crime, injured Chris was taken to the Temple University Hospital, where he was declared dead by hospital authorities. His subordinates, family, and friends were saddened by his sudden death. They believed Chris was a pure soul and did not deserve this kind of demise. 

18-year-old Miles Pfeffer’s Arrest

Miles Pfeffer was arrested within 12 hours of the tragic incident by Temple University Police. The surveillance cameras captured the incident on the street. It helped Temple University Police to track down suspects early.

Accused Miles Pfeffer, 18, was arrested immediately on Monday Morning from his Bucks County house. According to the investigation, it primarily shows that suspect Pfeffer was a habitual offender. In surveillance footage, it is seen that after the incident, he also stole a car.

The car was found near Bucks County at 30th Street. The investigation team found a few weapons while searching his Bucks County House. Pfeffer admitted that he melted the gun he used in the crime.

Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office clarified that Pfeffer Miles will face many charges in the case, like Murder, robbery, and related crimes.

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Tribute to the Martyre Temple University Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald

After Temple President Jason Wingard confirmed the news of Christopher Fitzgerald, everyone in the community paid tribute to the Police Officer.

Temple University Police Association (TUPA) shared a video on its Facebook page. His pictures with subordinates and friends were posted.

Fort Worth Police also shared deep condolences to the brave and selfless officer Chris Fitzgerald on their Twitter Handle.

Further Investigation of this incident is in progress. Someone accompanied Miles Pfeffer while the crime is still unrevealed. Temple University Police are investigating thoroughly to find out the truth and give justice to their brave Police Officer, Christopher Fitzgerald.