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Who was Stella Stevens Husband? ‘Nutty Professor’ actress Stella Stevens passed away at the age of 84

Stella Stevens

Estelle Eggleston known as Stella Stevens was an American actress. Stella was born in Yazoo City, Mississippi, U.S.

Stella Stevens made her acting debut in 1959 as Chorine in the movie “Say One for Me”.

Stella Stevens is best known for her role in the action film “The Poseidon Adventure”. In addition to the film, Stella has also acted in television series, including Magnum, and Murder She Wrote, P.I.

Stella’s friend, manager Maria Calabrese said- “It was an honor and a privilege to work with Stella, one of the most wonderful and talented people.”

Stella was signed by 20s Fox after performing at her college in Memphis, Tennessee. Shortly afterward, Stella dropped him and was signed by Paramount.

Stella won a Golden Globe in 1959 for her role as a chorus girl in her first film, “One for Me”. In 1962 “Girls! Girls! Girls!” Stella said she didn’t like the script, but Paramount told her she was contractually obligated to do it.

Stella was last seen in 2010 in the film “Megaconda”. After this Stella did not act in any film.

Stella Stevens Cause of Death

The news of Stella Stevens’ death has recently created a stir in the internet world. Stella Stevens died at the age of 84 on 17 February 2023 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Stella said goodbye to this world. The cause of Stella Stevens’ death was Alzheimer’s disease. Stella Stevens’ fans and co-stars mourned her death and paid tribute through social media.

Who was Stella Stevens Husband?

Stella Stevens was married many years ago. Marital status of Stella Stevens was Divorced. Stella Stevens’ husband was named Noble Herman Stephens in 1954. He is an electrician.

When Stella Stevens got married, she was 16 years old. But only after 3 years, did Stella and Noble Herman divorce.

Before divorcing, Stella gave birth to a son, Andrew Stevens, in 1955.

In late 1976 Stella purchased Methow Valley near Carlton, Washington on the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains. Stella opened an art gallery and bakery in the nearby small town of Twisp, Washington.

Stella Stevens partner Bob Kulick


In 1983 Stella Stevens started a new relationship. Stella Stevens’s boyfriend’s name is Bob Kulick. He was a rock guitarist. After being in a relationship for over a year, Bob moved into Stella’s house in Beverly Hills.

In March 2016, Stella and Bob sold their old Beverly Hills home and Stella moved into a long-term Alzheimer’s care facility in Los Angeles. Bob Kulick died on 28 May 2020. He used to go there to meet Stella till his death.

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