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Was Hans Poulsen Married? How did Australian Singer Hans Poulsen died at 77

Hans Poulsen

Bruce Gordon Poulsen was known Hans Poulsen, an Austrailian musician. Hans is of Danish descent.

Hans Poulsen was a poplar in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Hans was known for his hippie style. Swan released the songs “Light Across the Valley” and “Boom Sha La La Lo” in 1970, both of which were huge hits.

Recently composer Hans Poulsen died at the age of 77. Hans Poulsen was born on 7 March 1945 to Nellie Poulsen and Vic Poulsen. Hans Poulsen was from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hans Poulsen penned “Monty and Me” for Zoot and “Jamie/Rose Coloured Glasses” for a songwriter with Johnny Farnham, catapulting their careers.

How did Australian Singer Hans Poulsen die?

Hans Poulsen died suddenly on Friday 17 February 2023 at the age of 77. The cause of Hans Poulsen’s death has not yet been disclosed by his family.

His family and friends as well as fans did not bear the grief on the death of Hans Polonsky. Hans won the hearts of many people with his singing.

Myponga Music Festival confirmed the news of Hans Poulsen’s death by a Facebook post and wrote for Hans Poulsen- “The passing of Australian music icon Hans Poulsen sent shockwaves across the world. His single Boom-sha-la-la- You may be familiar with Low and Light Across the Valley. He was a headliner at the Maiponga Music Festival in 1971.”

Myponga Music Festival FB Post

Gary Mac paid tribute to Hans Poulsen in a Facebook post:-

“Hans was a good, kind man who made a significant impact on Australian music in the 1960s and 1970s. It’s Only a Matter of Time, one of his best-known and most popular compositions, was the frequently played B-side of Russell Morris’ single “The Real Thing”, which reached No. 1 in Australia in May 1969.”

Gary Mac facebook post

Who was Hans Poulsen Wife?

Hans Poulsen always kept his personal life private. According to sources, Hans married his girlfriend in 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts, and they have a child. Hans Poulsen’s girlfriend’s name is Karen.

But there is no need for this. Hans never mentions his wife, girlfriend, and child. Hans always kept his love life away from the media.

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