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Who is Cardi B in a relationship with now? Who is Cardi B’s new husband?

Cardi B

Cardi B married Offset in September 2017 and filed for divorce from her husband Offset in September 2020 and dismissed the application for divorce 2 months later.

Rapper Cardi B has opened up about why she decided to get back together after she filed for divorce from rapper Offset in 2020.

In an interview on the upcoming debut episode of “The Jason Lee Show,” Cardi B, 30, recalled the difficult times in her relationship with rapper Offset, 31, and how they overcame it.

Cardi B told host Jason Lee in a clip with Entertainment Tonight ahead of the episode’s premiere on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 – “Me and Offset, we didn’t see eye to eye. It was like, that same year I filed For divorce and everything.”

Cardi B and rapper Offset took their love forward, married in 2017, and gave birth to a daughter, Culture Kyari Cephus, in July 2018.

Cardi B Daughter

The Sun

They broke up amid Offset’s infidelity life before Cardi filed for divorce in September 2020, but briefly reunited, citing “unresolved differences”.

Cardi opened up about the divorce a month later in two Twitter audio clips. Cardi called out fans, using the word “disrespectful” to describe Offset and their relationship – “I really didn’t want to talk about our relationship – because I know you’re all upset that I’m back. And get tired and with further offset.”

“When you start using the word ‘abusive’ you get mad,” Cardi said in the clip. “I’m not in a physically abusive relationship. I’m not in a mentally abusive relationship. I have options.”

Cardi described their marital affair as a “regular affair” at the time and admitted it was before Cardi filed a public one for her divorced Kulture Cephus’ father. Cardi said – “If I want to go to the extreme of teaching an n-a-ing lesson and f-ing file for divorce, I can do that.” “It’s my life. I ain’t getting no abuse.”

The divorce was “dismissed without prejudice” in November 2020, and Cardi B and Offset Donno moved forward with their relationship once again.

Cardi confirms to the host that Offset has changed his behavior. Cardi said- “The main thing I wanted was for him to stay and everything, he stayed and he changed, and that let me know that he wanted to change for me.”

Cardi and Offset welcomed their second child on September 4, 2021, who is named Wave Set Cephus.

Cardi B and Offset welcomed their second child

Hindustan Times

In November 2021, Cardi told the hosts of E!’s Daily Pop that she is very happy and that Offset worked through some of the biggest obstacles in their marriage. Cardi B said- “We have been through some challenges. You have to learn each other better.” “I guess I’ve never been happier.”

Rapper Cardi further added, “I feel like, not just with marriage, but with our family and togetherness, the friendship that we have. ‘I have your back, you have my back.’ It’s never been stronger.”

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