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Missing South Dakota 13-year-old located safely: What Happened?

Missing South Dakota 13-year-old located safely

The concern is increasing over the disappearance of a Sioux Falls youngster. According to police, Rayne Jennesse, 13, freely left her house last Saturday. Since then, she has yet to be seen or heard from. She is currently thought to be in danger.

Missing South Dakota 13-year-old located safely:

Rayne Jennesse was last spotted near JFK Elementary on Sioux Falls’ west side. She was dressed casually in a black sweater and grey sweatpants. It was in the high 30s, and authorities suspect she was not wearing a winter coat. Temperatures have fallen since then, and the city has received more snow and ice. Police are also concerned because there is something unusual about this missing persons case. “Usually, with younger kids like that, they will talk to some friends or maybe have some social media access where they post items; there would be some contact in this situation. She has not communicated with any of her pals; there haven’t been any posts we’re aware of.

Officers search all sorts of places and speak with her pals for any clue. Rayne is deemed endangered because she is only 13 years old. “Because of her youth. “A 13-year-old does not have the foresight to plan where to stay, where to find food, and other fundamental survival stuff,” Clemens explained. The chilly and windy weather is also a source of concern. At this stage, officials are asking for any information.

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