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Hamilton County grand jury to hear Jasmine Pace murder case

Hamilton County grand jury to hear Jasmine Pace murder case
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Missing Person Case Turns into Homicide Investigation; Boyfriend Charged with Jasmine Pace Murder

In a shocking turn of events, the missing case of Jasmine Pace has now turned into a homicide investigation. The 22-year-old Tennessee college student, Jasmine Pace, went missing on November 26.

Her family believed she was mourning a recent death. However, the case was different; the authorities believed she had gone to her boyfriend’s apartment and had not been seen since.

Her mother received a text from her daughter saying she was going to visit a friend in South Carolina. As a result, Jasmine’s mother called one of her friends; the friend didn’t know Jasmine was in Kentucky and didn’t know she was visiting. 

Pace’s mother, Catharine, then located her daughter’s car using my Chevy app at the signal view apartments on mountain creek road in Chattanooga and informed the authorities about this. Police showed up to the scene and searched for her but not found her.

Meanwhile, Pace’s friend had a boyfriend she met through a dating app. With this information, police turned the missing case into a homicide, and the boyfriend was a prime suspect.            

Jasmine Pace murder case Details

Police searched all her call records and found that her last known location was the signal view apartments on mountain creek road. Later her body was discovered in a suitcase at suck creek road in Chattanooga. From surveillance video footage of the area, police found that her boyfriend was using her car to buy cleaning supplies. 

Her boyfriend, Jason Chen was arrested from his family residence at Nolensville, Tennessee. The forensics said she had been stabbed 60 times before she succumbed to death. 

During the investigation, Jason’s neighbor said they heard a woman screaming to call the police. But since they don’t like Jason and his girlfriend, they didn’t call the police. 

Police booked Jason with criminal homicide and holding him in the Silverdale detention center for further trial without bond.

On February 16, 2023, Chen was charged with first-degree murder and homicide in the Jasmine Pace case, and the case was sent for the grand jury. 

Jason is currently under trial and serving a 5 million us dollar bond. The grieving family of the Late jasmine pace pleads for a higher bond.

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The security agencies escorted out Jason’s parents, case was forwarded to the grand jury. 

Amidst Jason’s trial at the court for a bond hearing, his parents were escorted out of the court building. His attorney and parents reported that they were getting numerous threats, including death. Judge Ables ordered no live-streaming and social media posts for any update on case proceedings.

Judge Ables said there was evidence to charge Jason Chen with first-degree murder and homicide in the Jasmine Pace murder case. He forwarded the case to a grand jury for possible indictment. 

Since the case is under trial, we will inform you about the progress in the Jasmine pace murder case. Please follow us for more updates on the story.