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Brandon Swanson, Details of disappearance and Last known location

Brandon Swanson

Brandon Swanson is a mysterious disappearance case that started in May 2008 and is the case in which the police officers are still going across. The latest news related to the case was released on the 31st of January, 2023. The police officers state that they have not gained any information about the overall case, and no information about the details of any dead body is also available. The 19-year-old suddenly disappeared in 2008, and there was no information provided by any individual related to him after that. The police officers also did not gain any information about the boy Brandon after that year.

Brandon Swanson Disappearance Details


Brandon Swanson Disappearance Details

Brandon Swanson got suddenly disappeared in May 2008 as the 19-year-old went to study somewhere outside his home. As he went to Minnesota college, he was returning for spring break in May 2008, and suddenly, one day, he called his parents and stated that he had faced a minor car accident and will be late reaching home for the break. After that phone call, there was no news about the brand, and he suddenly vanished without any proper trace or any notice, and whatever happened with something happened suddenly. There was no information received after that case, and there was also no information available about the overall thing which happened as the police officers faced a lot of difficulties.

Brandon Swanson Last known location


Brandon Swanson’s Last known location

Brandon Swanson disappeared in May 2008, and the last non-location of Brandon was somewhere near the Minnesota crossing, as there was no information available about any scenario in which the boy would have been known to be. The police officers started their investigation into the entire case, and no information was available at that location. The police officers also did not stitch the location of any car accident in that area. The police officer did an investigation in 2008, and the only information they received days related to the phone call and the area of the phone call. Apart from that, till the 31st of January 2023, there has not been information available about the case.

Brandon Swanson Investigation Details


Investigation Details of Brandon Swanson

Brandon Swanson disappeared in May 2008, and the only information available about the investigation is that it started the investigation in May 2008 itself. There was no information about the scenario as the disappearance and details happened. The police officers started the investigation after the report provided by the family members. Still, there is no information available about the overall case after so many years of the investigation until the details were released on the 31st of January 2022. The only information that has been made available about the case is the location of the phone call, and there has not been a dead body that has been recovered.

essential details


Other essential details of the case

The police officers have recently stated that there are high chances for them to stop the investigation of Brandon in a live manner. There are also fewer chances for them to continue the investigation of searching the dead body. Still, they will look forward to investigating the details in which any dead body will be recovered, and if it is identified, they will look forward to identifying it with the details of Brandon. Apart from that, there is no chance for him to Survive. The police officers also expect that he might intentionally have gone somewhere and is living a life for himself, so that might also be a thing that has happened that might be solved after a few years if the police officer does a proper investigation and find the exact location in which he is staying.

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