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YouTuber and Neebs Gaming Member Tony Schnur, Nicknamed Thick44, Passes Away from Cancer; Cause of Death and Obituary

neebs gaming thick44 passed away

On February 13, 2023, Tony Schnur, better known as “Thick44” in the gaming world and a well-known YouTube producer, went dead. Let’s explore how the YouTuber died and his cause of death in detail.

What became Tony Schnur, Often Known as Thick44?

A protracted struggle with brain cancer claimed the life of Tony Schnur, alias Thick44. Tony, a well-known independent gaming and music name, has passed away. With 31.7K followers, Tony’s Thick 44 YouTube channel is popular.

Sadly, Tony received a cancer diagnosis in 2021, which he freely disclosed online. He fought glioblastoma heroically and suffered several operations, therapies, etc. His friend set up the GoFundMe page for his treatment. He sadly passed away with his loved ones at his side. Neems Gaming announced his death on their social media page.

How did Tony Schnur, aka Thick44, Pass Away?

Tony, a participant in the Neebs Gaming community on Twitch and YouTube, passed away on February 13, 2023. His sudden death has shocked and saddened his admirers as well as the gaming community.

Tony Schnur, Who?

On August 17, 1971, Tony Schnur, also known as Thick44, was born in Elyra, Ohio. He grew up in a middle-class household. He was well-known for posting material on the 2.32 million-subscriber Neem YouTube channel. He had an early passion for entertainment and gaming. After graduating high school, Schnur attended Wright State University to study film and video production.

Shortly after receiving his degree, he began working in the entertainment industry in 1995. For his work on many well-liked titles, including “Battlefield Friends,” “Ark Survival Evolved,” and “Seven Days to Die,” Schnur was well-known at Neebs Gaming. He also participated in “Neebscast,” the group’s podcast. He routinely made appearances on several gaming channels and podcasts. The beloved Thick44 was well-known for his wit, humour, and infectious personality. He was a dear member of Neebs Gaming.

Why Tony Schnur Passed Away:

His neighbourhood, friends, and family all contributed to his healing. On February 13, 2023, Tony sadly died away, leaving his family and close friends in mourning. Everyone who knew the Wilmington, North Carolina citizen was surprised by his passing.

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