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Noah Johnson Missing: Still no news on the disappearance of Noah Johnson

Noah Johnson Missing: Still no news on the disappearance of Noah Johnson
Image Source: Wales online

Noah Johnson, a resident of Bryan, Ohio, has been missing since mid-November 2022. His last sighting was at Harrison Lake State Park, and since then, there has been no sign of him.

What happened to Noah Johnson?

According to Noah Johnson’s sister Kaitlyn the last time Noah came back home was on November 17, 2022. 

On November 18, Noah’s wife returns home at around 10. The family or police have not disclosed Noah’s wife’s name and whereabouts.

When Noah’s wife returned home, she did not find Noah anywhere. She found a note left behind by Noah. She takes the notes from the table and reads.

The exact contents of the letter have yet to be revealed, but the note did mention Harrison Lake. Noah’s wife got worried about her husband’s well-being and went to Harrison Lake to look for him. 

Noah’s wife and family reached the lake and were searching for him. They found Noah’s car, wallet, and jacket in the parking lot of Harrison Lake.

Noah’s family looked around but did not find his son anywhere. But They took the car home and they thought that if Noah saw the car was gone, he would return home looking for it. 

What measures have been taken so far to find Noah?

The Johnson family complained to the police on November 19, 2022. The police started investigating and made several attempts to find Noah.

Not just police but numerous other agencies are working together to find Noah Johnson’s whereabouts. The different departments working together are the Bryan Police Department, The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, the Toledo Fire, and Rescue Dive Team, Michigan State Police Dive Teams, and State and County K-9 teams.

Along with police, many volunteers and NGOs have come forward to help the family find Noah. 

Johnson’s family members are making desperate attempts to find Noah. They have been going around asking people about Noah.

They have announced a price of $5000 to anyone who can give a clue about Noah Johnson. They have been handing out pamphlets with a picture of Noah and their contact information. Pamphlets of Noah’s car have also been circulated to find someone who might have seen it the day Noah disappeared. 

What have police found so far?

It has been months since Noah was reported missing, but till now, police have not received a single clue.

Police have interrogated Noah’s wife but have cleared her of any accusations. Police are concerned that Noah might have harmed himself, as his note indicated statements of self-harm.

Police had given out Noah’s gaming idea and have been asking around if anyone interacted with Noah before he disappeared.

Police and Noah’s family members are trying every way possible to find out about Noah and get him back home safely. 

What can be the reason behind Noah’s disappearance?

No one has been able to find the exact reason behind Noah’s disappearance till now. But the note left behind by Noah shows signs of self-harm.

There is an assumption that Noah might have gone away willingly to harm himself. 

Everyone who knows Noah is trying their best to find him. The police and volunteers have not given up hope and are doing their best to find out about Noah Johnson. 

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