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How did Jerry Jarrett die? The legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett died at 80

How did Jerry Jarrett die? The legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett died at 80
Image Source: Wrestling Edge

Jerry Jarrett was a referee and a professional wrestler. He passed away on 14th February 2023 after a long battle with cancer.

Who was Jerry Jarrett?

Jerry Jarrett, at the age of 14, started promoting professional wrestling events along with many other works. He started to rent a building and build wrestling rings.

He also stocked refreshments before any match. Before starting his professional career in wrestling, Jerry was a purchasing agent at the Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company. 

Jerry was trained by his friend Tojo Yamamoto and a veteran wrestler named Sailor Moran. In 1965, Jerry wrestled his first match in Hyati, Missouri.

After his debut, Jerry was a part of NWA Mid-America for a few years. 

In 1977, Jarrett founded the Continental Wrestling Association. Jerry and Tojo Yamamoto became the inaugural CWA World Tag Team Champions in July 1980.

The next month, they lost to Austin Idol and Dutch Mantell. In 1985, Jerry for a brief amount of time, wrestled under the mask called The Hawaiian Flash.

He formally retired in 1988 but returned in the 1990s to fight for the United States Wrestling Association. 

In the early 1970s, Jerry and his mother started a professional wrestling show for Gulas in the Memphis area. He worked as a promoter for a few years.

In the early 2000s, he stepped back from promoting. He then started working as a consultant for World Championship Wrestling. 

Jerry Jarrett Cause of Death:

The sad news of the loss of wrestler Jerry was shared on social media by a former wrestler named Dutch Mantell. The post did not mention the cause of death, but it was known to all that Jerry Jarrett had esophageal cancer.

It is assumed by many that he died after fighting a long battle with cancer. Jerry was eighty years old when he passed away.

How did Jerry Jarrett die? The legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett died at 80

Image Source: The sports grail

Jerry Jarrett Obituary:

Jerry Jarrett was a respected and known person in wrestling and promoting. His death has come as a shock for everyone.

Mark James, a wrestling historian, said that Jarrett changed the business, and that is a fact no one can change. 

The host of Saturday Morning television wrestling in Memphis, Dave Brown, said that Jerry didn’t just help build Memphis wrestling but helped build wrestling in general.

According to Dave, Jerry Jarrett was responsible for reforming wrestling for the newcomers.

Dave Brown continued his praises of Jerry Jarrett by saying that Jerry was a meticulous man who always thought of the future. Jerry came up with unique storylines which paved the way for Memphis wrestling to outshine. 

Jerry Jarrett’s Accomplishments:

Jerry Jarrett won the CWA World Tag Championship along with Yojo Yamamoto. He was honored with the NWA Hall of Fame.

He won several Tag Team Championships while he was working with NWA Mid-America. He won the NWA Southern Tag Team Championship 10 times.

He was also honored with two more Hall of Fame awards: the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame and the Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Jerry was an example for every wrestler who came after him. His family and friends will never forget him in their prayers.

Rest in Peace, Jerry Jarrett.

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