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Florida Police arrest Ryan McKenna who took viral selfie with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl

justin timberlake
Source: New York Post

During the Super Bowl halftime show in 2018, a 13 year old Ryan McKenna made headlines for a selfie taken with Justin Timberlake. Now after around five years, Ryan is back in the news, he was arrested by the police in Naples, Florida.

At California Pizza Kitchen, 18 year old Ryan McKenna got into a fight with 15 year old friend, as reported by TMZ, who first break this news. According to the police, the Local security officer tried to escort McKenna from the store, be he became gradually aggressive. Finally, he hold the officer’s hand when the police officer tried to stop him from fighting.

justin timberlake

Source: Today

After all this, he was arrasted and booked in the Naples Jail Center on two misdemeanours, obstruction and resisting arrest. While on another side McKenna’s mom told the TMZ “my son was not drunk according to the reports, and he was smoking with his friends.

It is a very small incident when he was trying to hang out with his friends and tried to pull out the chair from under him and in the response, he also pushed the table to make the act funny.

MacKenna suddenly gained the popularity when he clicked a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show. After taking the selfie, he said to media ” “I just thought to myself, ‘I’ll never get this opportunity again in my whole life; I just went for it.”

justin timberlake

Source : BBC

McKenna’s father said “at that time we relized the our son was beacme the internet sensation suddenly, My phone started ringing through all over the day “. His father, John McKenna, told St. Paul Pioneer “that a very unique experince for all of us; we had too many friends from all over reaching out. I coulndn’t believe it.”

Public reactions on this incident


Just because this person took a selfie at a Super Bowl with a celebrity, somehow that makes him worthy of a media article detailing his arrest? Standards have sure lowered in the ‘celebrity’ world.


Meanwhile, there was a huge train derailment in Ohio yesterday that spewed chemicals into the air and affected people and animals for miles around. But I guess we’ll just go for stories like these instead.


a security officer isn’t a law enforcement officer. the security officer should have never placed hands on the person. a security officer may detain for questioning, but not place under arrest, a subject. obstruction of a security officer is all the person is guilty of and possibly disorderly conduct with trespassing if the proprietors asked him to leave and he refused.

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