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Christina Harrison is charged with murder and sent to detention center

Christina Harrison is charged with murder and sent to detention center
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An argument between Christina Harrison and another woman escalated and she shot the woman in the parking lot of a Kroger Grocery Store.

The police said they received a call about a gun shooting at 7467 St Andrews Road around 4 p.m. Upon arriving, they found the victim at the parking space, later pronounced dead.

Cops started investigating the crime scene and interviewing the witnesses immediately. After receiving that surveillance footage from the store and nearby area, they confirmed that the suspect had fled the scene in a white ford vehicle.

As per the interview of witnesses, police said that the two women were involved in a verbal altercation that led to a gun shooting.

While the police were investigating the crime scene, the suspect called the 911 dispatcher, identified as Christina Harrison, and said she was at Irmo Police Department, South Colombia.

Christina was taken into custody and sent to a detention center

Police chief Boby Dale informed the press that Christina Harrison, 23-year-old women taken into custody after she surrendered at Irmo Police Department. She was charged with murder and other weapon offenses and booked. She was sent to Lexington County Detention Center; she will be there till her trial commences.

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Why Christina Harrison Shote her?

Police Chief answered the questions and mentioned that Christina Harrison did not know the woman. She just verbally argued with the other lady, and the situation escalated. She lost her temper and shot the lady with a gun she was illegally carrying.

Police is trying to find the connection

The police are looking for a clue to help them in further investigation of what had led to the escalation. Meanwhile, the police chief had requested for any witnesses to come in front to help them in this investigation.

Who is the victim?

No information on the victim is shared with the press. The police chief said the incident was unfortunate and senseless. Details of the investigation are not revealed yet. The Police will update the proceedings further once the clear connection is made. The police are seeking public cooperation on this case.

The incident was unfortunate and disheartening. We condemn the incident too.
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