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After Insulting Texas Comic Ralph Barbosa, George Lopez Apologized

george lopez ralph barbosa

After Receiving Criticism, George Lopez Offers Ralph Barbosa his Sincere Apologies:

George Lopez has apologized to fellow stand-up comedian Ralph Barbosa after angering over statements he made about him on his podcast.

Lopez “called Ralph directly and they talked about what transpired,” according to the Los Angeles Times, who spoke with Barbosa’s management. “George apologized and praised Ralph’s hard work on the road,” Barbosa’s administration told the Times. “It was a pleasant talk, which Ralph liked.”

Clips from Lopez’s latest podcast, OMG Hi!, went viral after Lopez and fellow comedian and guest Steve Trevio discussed Latino representation in comedy and whether veterans like themselves owed it to up-and-coming comedians to pave a smoother path.

When Trevio identified Barbosa as someone he wanted to support, Lopez was forceful and direct about not knowing who the young, Texas-based comic was. Many individuals on the internet thought Lopez’s remarks were condescending and unpleasant. “However, no one knows who that motherf—er is!” “Why are you mentioning his name?” Lopez stated. “Is it wrong to ask, ‘Why do you keep bringing up his name when no one knows who he is?'” I don’t mean it negatively.”

Barbosa quickly responded to the video, writing, “It’s all good baby,” on social media. “The future has here, old guy.”

After Making Comments Against Ralph Barbosa, George Lopez Receives Backlash:

George Lopez has sparked an online uproar after his statements regarding comedian Ralph Barbosa and the role of great mentors in the Latino community. On episode #97 of the OMG Hi! Podcast Lopez spoke with Steve Trevio, and as the discussion went on, Lopez began making some horrible statements about Barbosa while Trevio applauded the young comic. Lopez attempted to frame it as a joke at first, but there was much more to the dialogue as the podcast episode continued.

During the interview, Trevio emphasized that it is up to the more renowned comedians to assist new comedians in advancing through the ranks. Still, Lopez said that “you watch out for yourself.” He asserted this while maintaining that he had no idea who Barbosa was and that no one cared about him.

Meanwhile, Trevio emphasized that it was his responsibility to watch for a child-like Barbosa, not simply himself. Against all odds, Lopez doubled down on his remark, stating, “I don’t believe that’s the correct thing to do.”

At one point in the dialogue, Lopez responds to Trevio’s insistence on assisting people behind him by saying, “But you’re trying to make it! Why are you attempting to assist a guy who is trying to make it? YOU must succeed!” Trevio responds, “I’ve made it.”

Lopez said, “So you don’t want to go higher?” meaning the development of fresh talent would be hampered in some way. Fortunately, Trevio never absolves Lopez and subsequently offers instances to demonstrate how other communities aid their own and how this helps everyone in the long term.

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