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A shooting at a shopping mall in El Paso, Texas, kills one and injures three

El Paso shooting
Source: CNN

Three persons were wounded while one is killed at EI Paso. This incident happened on a mall on Wednesday in Texas said by Police. We’ll see all the details in this article, keep reading.

At Cielo Vista Mall in EI Paso, Texas, four people were shooted on Wednesday evening. After the shooting three people were injured while one was killed. As per the latest reports, police arrested one accused and searched for another possible suspect.

El Paso shooting

Source: BBC

Robert Gomez, police spokesman aid to CNN “We have one person in custody. We do believe there could be one outstanding. That’s why the extensive search of the mall is being done right now,”.

Police did not reveal anything about the further plans of action and did not provide specific details on the present condition of the injured victims. The three people who were injured in the shooting are hospitalised as reported by CNN.

EL Paso police wrote a tweet about the incident: Police are responding to shots fired in the food court of Cielo Vista Mall, the scene is still active. Avoid the area.

While in another tweet they warn for alertness in the specific area they tweeted “Mall scene is still active please avoid the area. Multiple agencies responding to the area,”

If we talk about the situation of the mall, the mall is adjacent to Walmart, in this Walmart store a massive shooting incident happened earlier in 2019, many people were injured, and more than 23 people were killed in this shooting.

El Paso shooting

Source: Fox News

According to the local media source, Police officers arrived at the mall just after 5 pm in response to reports of a shooting in the mall. One of the eyewitnesses, Robert Gonzalez, told the CNN “I saw people running to the exit.” He said he was able to make it safely to his car, where he was waiting to leave as he spoke with CNN”.

Netizens’ reaction on this incident


Perhaps we have to acknowledge that we have reached a point of moral lawlessness in this country and that multiple factors extend beyond partisan party lines and second amendment arguments. All the thoughts and prayers and vigils and proponents of gun control and background checks and age limits have not changed our epidemic of gun violence. We are now what we once were… the wild west, a violent control society.


What we’ve learned recently regarding these extraordinary shootings is it doesn’t make a difference if the state has strict gun laws or lax gun laws. Or what the race of the shooter is. But they have all been men doing the shooting. What’s up with that?


I believe that there are something like four hundred million guns in this country currently. Yet, so often I hear that more guns will make us all safer. Since you have obviously given this a great deal of thought, what number of guns do you believe we need in order to make our streets, schools and other public spaces safer?

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