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Who is DAVE HOLLIS Girlfriend – HIDI POWELL?

Source: Leedaily

On Saturday February 11, former Disney executive Dave Hollis died at his home. Dave’s death was confirmed by his family, told the news channel. Still, the cause of death has not been revealed yet. Dave Hollis also worked as podcast host as well as he wrote some books.

He was part of many great projects at Disney, some like Star Wars franchise and Marvel movies. His girlfriend and his children survive Dave Hollis. He met his girlfriend first time in 2020.

Know more about Heidi Powell

Forty years old Heidi is a famous media celebrity, she was fitness trainer by profession. 28 March 1982 is her birthdate, and she was born in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Source: YouTube

She got popular through digital platform transformation with Chirs and Heidi; Chris Powell is the name of her former husband. After achieving success on the online platform, she became a regular fixture on the ABC show “Extreme Weight loss”. Eventually, she started appearing on the show Good morning America and another one is The Dr Oz Show.
According to her blog, she increase her portfolio and start another development session for fitness; she uses an inside-out approach to create new courses in the world of fitness.

She also published a fitness book and gained the badge of the New York Times bestselling book for Choose More, Lose More, for Life.

On the death of Dave Hollis, she shared a post on Instagram with a lengthy caption. she wrote about Dave as : This isn’t the way it was supposed to end.

When we posted this photo 2 years ago today to announce our love and to celebrate your birth, I think we both had a different idea of how our story would play out. It didn’t look like this.


Source : Facebook

I’m heartbroken and devastated. I’m sick. My kids miss you so much. Our world is rocked. I will never be the same.

I’m not sure how forward it looks without a piece of your love. The best pet I’ve ever been given. Other-worldly kind of love. I cannot believe this is real.

Followers and fans pouring tributes on social media

Glo Atanmo

Heidi, thank you for loving on Dave the way you did. The love you two shared was palpable, and I’m so grateful for all the ways you both showed up vulnerably, beautifully, and courageously in Napa just a month ago. No ask is too big; you’ve got an army here ready to support you in any and every way possible ❤️


I admired the love you two shared and what I knew of your story. I pray your soul finds peace as you navigate the waves of grief. Just know you’re not alone. Never hesitate to reach out at any time💞


I am so sorry Heidi, words can’t do justice. Dave was larger than life, he had so much impact on those around him and he will be missed dearly. Sending so much love to you, your kids and the Hollis family.

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