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Mikhael Al-Daher, a Former MP, Died at the Age 95

Mikhael Al-Daher, a Former MP, Died at the Age 95
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Mikhael al-Daher, a former Lebanese MP, died Tuesday at 95. During 1972-2005, Daher served as the Maronite MP. Rafik Hariri appointed him Minister of Federal Education and Fine Arts during the era of President Elias Al-Harawi.

As an MP, Mr. al-Daher played a vital role in shaping our modern country. He will be remembered for his accomplishments during his tenure and those he accomplished after leaving office with his family, friends, and colleagues.

Who was Mikhael al-Daher?

Mikhael al-Daher was former MP of Lebanese.

The late prime minister Rafic Hariri appointed Daher as Minister of National Education and Fine Arts under Elias Hrawi in 1992.

“Mikhael Al-Daher, or chaos,” was a slogan that topped Beirut’s newspapers in September 1988.

After Amin Gemayel’s term ended that day, Al-Daher’s name was put forward as a presidential candidate with American and Syrian support. The presidential election did not occur, and General Michel Aoun was appointed interim president.

Al-Daher resigned the following year after the Taif Accord was signed, and René Moawad was elected president.

However, his career did not end there. From 1972 to 1992, he was a member of the parliamentary assembly and was re-elected in 1992 and 2000.

Mikhael al-Daher’s cause of death

Mikhael al-Daher, a former Lebanese MP and minister, died at 95. At this moment, there are no details regarding Mikhael al-Daher’s death. Some people believe he died naturally.

Tribute to Mikhael al-Daher’s

There are many leaders and people paying tribute to hime. Some regarded him as a great personality. His goal is to help people as much as possible. It is a tragedy that we lost a person with such a wonderful personality. We extend our condolences to Mikhael al-Daher’s family.

Friend and family have expressed their condolences and love to the family of Mikhael al-Daher. It is remembered that Al-Daher was an esteemed community member with a passion for helping others. Everyone who knew him loved and respected him.

During this challenging time, Mikhael’s family has requested privacy so they may mourn peacefully.

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