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The 25-year old Goalkeeper Arne Espeel dies while saving a penalty

The 25-year old Goalkeeper Arne Espeel dies while saving a penalty
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The 25-year-old Belgian goalkeeper, Arne Espeel, passed away. The young goalie dedicated his entire career to Winkel-sport.

At a very young age, he won the hearts of many football fans. Remembering Espeel’s death, the community mourned by passing their tributes to him.

Who was Arne Espeel?

Arne Espeel was a talented and well-liked 25-year-old goalkeeper. He developed a love for the game early on.

He was popular with his teammates, coaches, and fans because of his prowess on the field and his upbeat demeanor. His commitment to the game and his dedication to consistently giving his best effort made him a legendary player.

He also had a brother named Aaron. He also plays football at Winkel-Sport; he and his brother Arne were both goalkeepers.

The 25-year old Goalkeeper Arne Espeel dies while saving a penalty

Image Source: kingston

How did Espeel die: Cause of his death?

On February 13, during the match against Westrozebeke, Arne Espeel died of a heart attack seconds after saving the penalty for his team.

Several measures were taken to save him, but they were unsuccessful.

The match against Westrozebeke was played  in Winkel’s home playground at Sint-Eloois-Winkel, West Flanders Province, Belgium.

During the second division, Westrozebeke got a penalty. Seconds after successfully saving the penalty, Espeel got nauseous and fell to the playground.

This tragic incident was witnessed by his parents and a younger brother who came to the match for his support.

The emergency staff took several measures to treat him right after he fell, but all of their attempts were unsuccessful. He passed away shortly after reaching the hospital.

Mourning the death of Arne Espeel:

The death of Espeel was mourned by his friends, fellow mates, coaches, and his family members. The Winkel club stated that his death deeply saddens them.

The Winkel Sport B assistant coach Stefan Doerchin said it was a horrible incident. Everyone is devastated by the news that the goalkeeper has passed away. 

Arrange for a funeral or obituary:

Arne Espeel’s obituary and funeral plans will be released shortly by his family. Friends and family will be able to pay their respects at the celebration of Arne’s life through the announcement. His passing has left a lasting impact on the football community and his loved ones will no doubt remember him as a talented and dedicated player.

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