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Stacey Pack’s Death from Cancer, Stacey Pack’s Cause of Death, and Obituary

Singer David Pack’s wife dies

Ambrosia, the former lead vocalist of the 1970s soft rock band, is grieving the death of his loving wife, who died lately. We are thinking about David Pack as the iconic music artist reveals the end of his wife, Stacey. In this post, we’ll look at what happened to her and Stacey Pack’s cause of death.

What became of David Pack’s Wife?

David Pack confirmed the death of his beloved wife, Stacey Pack, on his official Facebook page. The message says, My wife, closest friend, muse, and mother to our son Jackson (17) passed away after a valiant 5-year struggle with metastatic breast cancer. She was fantastic for her age…and without her, I feel as though my life preserver has been removed as I drift out into the broad sea.

I think she was a gorgeous lady God had ever made. Because of her modest and lovely personality, she had no clue how beautiful she was.

We surrendered her soul to our Heavenly Father late Thursday night, surrounded by friends, family, and prayers from Pastor Rick Warren and Ken Foreman, dancing with angels and free from this broken earth.

Stacey and David Pack’s Life Story:

Stacey and David met 20 years ago and discovered they shared a passion for music and religion. Stacey relocated to California from her hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, and the pair married in Kauai (their familiar “happy spot”) 17 years ago.

They relocated from Manhattan Beach to South Orange County, California, after the birth of their baby, inspired by Rick Warren’s excellent book Purpose Driven Life. They joined Saddleback Church and served there for a decade.

Stacey’s Cancer Experience:

Stacey, 46, sensed something peculiar in one of her breasts in July 2018. Still, following regular mammography, she was advised not to panic – it was most likely a cyst, which may be associated with thick breast tissue.

She soon got crippling shingles on one side of her face and inner ear. She was diverted from addressing her developing anxiety about her breast due to problems and the lengthy recuperation period.

In December 2018, she persevered and pushed her doctor for another mammography and was once again informed that the results were clean. Stacey was dissatisfied and demanded an ultrasound. This eventually and regrettably showed that something was wrong – she had breast cancer.

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer was Discovered:

Earlier than expected, she was found to have triple-negative breast cancer; nonetheless, after undergoing chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation for 18 months, she was told that everything had gone well and she was cancer-free.

Stacey had follow-ups even while on COVID and was assured each time that her test results were expected. After 2020, with David’s music career and travelling over, Jackson’s first year of high school was lost to primarily virtual study. Stacey was still regaining strength; the Packs needed a year of thorough healing as a family.

They packed their possessions into shipping containers and moved to Kauai in July 2021 to follow their dream. Stacey started having intense feelings in her upper right back just a month after the transfer, just as they were beginning to uncover the healing they all needed. She couldn’t get out of bed because the pain was so excruciating, so she contacted her oncologist and asked for an MRI.

In early September, the findings were terrifying: cancer had spread to her upper spine. The family would need to go to San Francisco and get her into UCSF Medical Center very away. Stacey had a complete course of radiation, and molecular bloodwork identified the gene mutation causing new cancer.

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