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Is Nicola Bulley still missing? What Happened to her?

Is Nicola Bulley still missing

On January 27, Nicola Bulley went missing on a riverbank dog walk in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire. Police suspect, she sadly drowned, but no evidence of her has been discovered. What information do we have concerning her disappearance?

Nicola Bulley Last Moments:

For Nicola Bulley and her family, that Friday morning appeared like any other. She went about her morning ritual. She piled her dog Willow into her car and drove to the nearby school to drop off her two girls, ages six and nine. The 45-year-old parked her car in St Michael’s on Wyre and went for a riverside walk with Willow. But she never returned, and her family has yet to learn why, despite a thorough search. Ms Bulley was observed by a fellow dog walker who knew her when she was in the lower field as she walked along the walkway along the River Wyre at 08:43 GMT. She then emailed her supervisor and joined a Teams conference call for her job as a mortgage adviser, as she always did. She was last spotted by another dog walker around 09:10 in the top field. Her phone, still connected to the conversation, was discovered about 25 minutes later on a bench on a steep riverbank overlooking the water, along with the dog lead and harness on the ground.

What are the Police Doing? Is Nicola Bulley still missing?

Detectives suspect she drowned in the river. They are investigating her disappearance as a missing person case and do not believe it was suspicious. “We believe Nicola was in the riverfront area and remained there,” said Supt Sally Riley, overseeing the investigation. Despite this stance, the detective has stressed they remain “completely open-minded to any information that may suggest where Nicola is or what happened to her”. According to a police spokeswoman, Ms Bulley did not leave the field “through Rowanwater, either through the site itself or via the piece of land at the side” and did not return from the areas along Allotment Lane or via the route.

Very Difficult To Solve:

Officers are presently investigating approximately 500 leads. They are also looking for 700 motorists who were in the area at the time of her disappearance in the hopes that dashcam footage may help them find her. They have deployed police divers in the river, drones, and helicopters in their hunt, interviewed numerous crucial witnesses and issued several appeals. Detectives have also analysed data from Ms Bulley’s phone and Fitbit smartwatch and examined nearby derelict buildings and vacant caravans. The River Wyre flows through Lancashire for around 32 miles (52 kilometres) before joining the Irish Sea in Fleetwood. Police have now expanded their underwater search to Morecambe Bay and Knott End.

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