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How did Howard Bragman Die? Public Relations Veteran And Founder Of BNC Dies At 66

How did Howard Bragman Dies

Howard Bragman, a well-known Hollywood public relations professional with decades of experience and a vocal LGBTQ campaigner, has passed away. He was 66. Bragman died from acute monocytic leukaemia before his 67th birthday. In a journal note on Saturday, Bragman’s partner Mike Maimone announced the public relations veteran’s death.

How did Howard Bragman Die?

Howard Bragman, a decades-long veteran of entertainment public relations, died of leukaemia, according to his boyfriend Mike Maimone’s journal entry. He was 66. “The magnitude of our collective loss cannot be overstated — Howard was a constant in so many of our lives and the brightest star in his vast constellation of friends and family,” Maimone wrote. The news, which broke late Saturday, Feb. 11, via social media tributes, came as a surprise to the community of journalists and public relations professionals who worked closely with Bragman in various positions. Bragman worked in public relations for nearly 40 years, co-founding BNC, which eventually merged with PMK, his own Fifteen Minutes PR and, later in life, LaBrea Media.

Who is Howard Bragman?

Bragman was skilled at managing public scandals for his clients; he was constantly available to the press during breaking news and was well-known for his wit and insights into the world of spin. As an openly homosexual CEO and ardent supporter of LGBTQ causes, he also counselled some celebrities on coming out, including actor Meredith Baxter, basketball player Sheryl Swoopes, and country singer Chely Wright. In recent years, he has been active in exposing the Flint, Michigan, water issue, contributing to the documentary “Lead and Copper” by Glen Zipper and Paul Haggis. Bragman also appeared in an episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in 2010 as himself, representing Camille Grammer.

Tributes to Howard Bragman:

“It is with heavy hearts that we deliver the news that our dear Howard died quietly in his sleep,” Maimone wrote. “The magnitude of our collective loss cannot be emphasised – Howard was a constant in so many of our lives, and the brightest light in his vast constellation of friends and family.” John Duran, a friend and former West Hollywood mayor, also remarked on Bragman’s passing. “Tonight, my beloved old friend of the last 30 years died. Howard Bragman, rest in peace. LBGT fighter. Gentle colossus. Wicked wit. I will always cherish you. Look forward to seeing you on the other side, “Duran put this next to a photo of Bragman smiling.

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