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Where is Mindy Morgenstern’s Murderer, Moe Gibbs, now?

Where is Mindy Morgenstern’s Murderer, Moe Gibbs, now
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Moe Gibbs, 35, worked at the Barnes County Jail when Morgenstern was killed.

On its episode airing on February 10, 2023, DATELINE will again examine a terrible crime that will leave audiences on the edge of their chairs. The 2006 killing of Mindy Morgenstern, a college senior, shocked Barnes County, North Dakota.

What did Moe Gibbs do?

In September 2006, Moe Gibbs killed Mindy Morgenstern, a 22-year-old university student. He was Morgenstern’s neighbor at the time, and DNA evidence from Mindy’s nails linked him to the crime.

Mindy was discovered dead in her apartment and hanged with deep wounds to her neck. He had already accepted guilty pleas in connection with other sexual assault cases before his murder conviction.

His involvement in other crimes, such as the sexual crimes on several female detainees at the jail in Barnes County and the unaddressed 2004 rape case involving a Fargo lady, were also disclosed by new testimony.

Law enforcement also discovered that before he changed it in 2005, Gibbs’ true identity was Glen Dale Morgan Jr. Additionally, they discovered that he had worked in the Navy from 1990 to 1999, had been found guilty of tried cold-blooded murder in a military court, and had spent his jail term at Fort Leavenworth from January 1994 to April 1998.

Where is Moe Gibbs now?

Moe Gibbs, at the age of 50, is reportedly serving his lengthy prison sentence in the strict security North Dakota State Penitentiary in Bismarck.  

After ultimately entering a guilty plea to the rape and sexual assault charges, Gibbs was ultimately convicted guilty of Mindy’s murder at his trial 2 in November 2007. He was then given a life sentence without the chance of parole.

Who is Moe Gibbs?

When Mindy Morgenstern’s murder case went on, Moe Maurice Gibbs was a 35-year-old prison officer at Barnes County Jail.

He lived with his then-pregnant wife and shared an apartment building with the Valley City State University student. There was no sign of a sexual assault when Mindy was discovered dead in her apartment on September 13, 2006, from asphyxiation and a severe slash to her neck.

When questioned by police, Gibbs stated that he had spent the day with his wife following his early-morning shift and that they were moving, so he had been busy packing up his apartment.

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