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What became Sebastian Robinson? A 12-Year-Old Boy was Discovered Dead in his Home in Andover, Massachusetts

Sebastian Robinson

Sebastian and his parents were dead in their Andover home early Thursday morning. Let’s examine Sebastian Robinson’s situation more closely.

What became Sebastian Robinson?

Authorities have named the three family members discovered dead overnight in Andover as Sebastian Robinson, 12, Linda Robinson, 55, and Andrew Robinson, 56.

Officials believe the father caused his harm. They were all killed by gunshot wounds. According to Andover Police Chief Pat Keefe, the family’s Porter Road house contacted 911 just after 3:21 a.m.

The cops “had to shatter two doors to get inside the residence around five minutes after they arrived.”

They found the corpses of the father, mother, and 12-year-old son. Keefe informed reporters during a news conference that a gunshot caused the injuries.

According to the Essex County District Attorney’s office, “the event looks to be a terrible example of domestic violence and murder-suicide” Andrew Robinson died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Police have Launched an Investigation:

The facts of the gunfire incident remain unclear. The police have now launched the inquiry. Keefe and Essex County District Attorney Paul Tucker held a news conference during which they both admitted that the 911 call came from inside the Porter Roadhouse.

“As you might guess, we have quite a bit of work to do, we’re still in the earliest phases,” Tucker said.

The General Population is Not at Risk:

According to Tucker, the incident was “contained”, and the general public was not in danger. He refused to say who dialled 911 from his house. “But one of the things we would want to make sure people know is there is no threat to the public at all. “The address here included the full issue,” he continued.

“I believe today is also a very excellent moment to remind people that if they are suffering from any form of mental health condition, any type of depression, that there are resources available,” Tucker added.

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