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After Attempting to Rescue Her Daughter from Drowning, a Chabad Lady Died

Chabad woman passes away

Henya died two months after her youngest daughter fell into the sea at the docks at 40.

Henya Federman, What Happened to Her?

The Milwaukee Jewish community grieves Henya Federman’s death on Wednesday, following a two-month struggle for her life after attempting to save her baby daughter from drowning.

Henya died at the age of forty, two months after her youngest child, a 4-month-old newborn named Shterna Sarah, escaped her grasp at the docks on the islands and fell into the water, according to

She and her husband, Rabbi Asher, also stepped in to help her. Rabbi Asher could swim away, but Henya had to be dragged out. Henya was transported to Miami, Florida, where she was placed on life support and subsequently died, according to CBS Milwaukee.

Henya Federman Died as a Result of the Following Causes:

Henya is the child of Rabbi Yisroel and B. Devorah Shmotkin, who established the first Chabad centre in Wisconsin 53 decades ago and have since built several others.

“This is a tragedy that has devastated the hearts of the worldwide community of Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries,” Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky wrote on the official website of the Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters.

“Henya had a lively personality. Her simple delight and purpose in her life’s work, a life of love and service, inspired everyone. We are all mourning and praying for her whole family.” Seventeen years ago, Chabad sent Henya and her family to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, for selichot to assist in establishing the Virgin Islands. Chassidic Lubavitch.

“They brought this amazing feeling of tradition, of simha,” Sharon Triman, a local US Virgin Island resident, told about Henya and her family’s effect on the local community. “It was there that I thought I was connecting with my parents, my grandparents…[and] a feeling of pleasure and brightness.”

“It’s a full-time job for one or two children to be able to administer a community with her spouse while still being a mother. Consider 13 children: “According to Stein, CBS 58.

Funeral Arrangements for Henya:

According to CBS 58, Henya’s burial was conducted on Thursday in New York, with hundreds of people attending from Chabad groups around the United States and the US Virgin Islands.

“It’s awful, but tragedy brings out the incredible relationships she’s had with so many people,” Stein said.

“The influence she had over the previous three months is more than most individuals can accomplish in a lifetime,” he said. “What a fitting way to say farewell,” Stein revealed to TMJ4 that she was on life support at the time. “Over 54,000 excellent actions were accepted in her honour, raising over $1.5 million for the family.

Her effect on world society is immense, owing to her good works.”

Henya’s Death has been Mourned by Many:

On social media, thousands of individuals and Jewish organisations have shared memories and prayers with Henya’s family.

“We are grieved by the unexpected departure of Henya Shmotkin Federman (z”l), a cherished daughter of Milwaukee,” the Milwaukee Jewish Federation said on their Facebook page. May the Federman and Shmotkin families find solace amid Zion’s and Jerusalem’s grief.”

Chabad Lubavitch HQ also posted on Facebook about Henya’s death. “Henya Federman, 40, was a beloved mother, wife, and Chabad ambassador to the Virgin Islands,” they said. “Her death comes only two months after her young daughter died, leaving Henya in a coma.

“Henya’s funeral was held today, which coincided with the commencement of the Annual International Conference of Shluchim. The Conference programme was delayed to commemorate Henya and allow hundreds of her colleagues to attend her burial and pay their last respects to one of them today ” Before her name was pushed to the top of prayer lists across the globe, Henya was renowned for her upbeat personality. Friends and neighbours were drawn to her wide compassion and powerful leadership talents.”

Esther Chana Freeman, a Jewish singer-songwriter, took to Facebook to mourn her friend’s death. “Henya Federman, Chabad Shlucha (and close friend), died yesterday after being on life support for many months. She perished in the water while attempting to rescue her four-month-old infant.

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