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According to authorities, an Andover man fatally shot his wife and son before taking his own life

Andover murder
Source: WMUR

Andover family who found shot to death in their home on Thursday morning. The case looks like a murder-suicide, according to the law enforcement officials. Ed Hardiman, St. John’s Preparatory head of school, said a student found dead along with his parents is remembered as a gentle soul.

Sebastion, a 12-year-old foun dead at Porter Road in Andover along with his parents, Andrew Robinson and Linda Robinso. According to the police investiagation Andrew Robinson shoot his wife and son before taking his own life.

The teen boy Sebastion was a member of the class of 2029. Ed Hardiman said “Our community is heartbroken by the tragic loss of Sebastian,”. He rembered Sebastian as “extremly creative mind”. He also described door decorating and Halloween event decorating of Sebastian.

Andover murder

Source: ABC6

He was also interested in the music and also took part into the music program at the Danvers school, he was playing cello.

Hardiman further said “Sebastian was a wonderful young man. He was a kind and gentle presence, well-loved by his teachers,”

Now the classes were cancelled for Thursday and counsellors are availble throughout the day. Hardiman further described Sebastian”As I’ve talked with his teachers this morning, the description they’ve continually offered is he was a very gentle soul who felt very grateful to be a part of the Prep community, had a tremendous friend group and was very connected to our music program, to our campus ministry program, and just someone who was very well-loved as a gentle soul,”

Andover police trying to solve this case, Patrick Keefe Andover Police Chief said in the press conference, “Obviously, we know the how; we’re trying to figure out the why right now, so we’re going to need some time to figure that out,”.

Andover murder

Source : The Mirror

Emmy award winner reporter also posted about this event on Twitter :

Essex DA updated shooting deaths in Andover. Investigators say a father, wife and son were found shot to death inside their home. The DA says the father, Andrew Robinson’s, wounds were self-inflicted.

In another tweet he tells about the victim details “DA identified the victims as 12 year-old Sebastian Robinson and mother Linda Robinson. People in the neighborhood say the family pretty much kept to themselves. The husband/father is identified as Andrew Robinson.”

Public reaction on this incident

Jenni MacNicholl

Horrid. Blesses to all the first responders and all working on this case.

Joanne Williams

This isn’t very good. It should not be going on anywhere in this world. What a sad, sad thing to happen

Judith Hogan Sheldon

Where are these mental health resources? It is almost impossible to find these resources these days.

Alessandra Vittoria

This is just so tragic!!! My heart goes out to my family and friends. Dear God wrap your arms around this family.
I can’t imagine the first responders what they are witnessing.

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