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Who is Rachel Savell? 12-year-old child who was reported missing from San Jacinto County

Who is Rachel Savell? 12-year-old child who was reported missing from San Jacinto County
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Rachel Savell, a 12-year-old girl from San Jacinto County, Texas, went missing on the afternoon of February 8th, 2023.

Who is Rachel Savell?

Rachel Savell is a young, school-going girl. She went missing in her school dress. The information related to private life is limited.

However, she is a cute and decent girl who used to help others. 

The girl’s disappearance has caused a lot of pain to the family of Rachel Savell. They have been searching for her for an extremely long time.

They have said that they are missing her. The police case for the disappearance of Rachel Savell has been registered.

However, police officers are working on the case to find her.

What happened to Rachel Savell?

Rachel Savell has gone missing. The girl was last seen getting off her school bus and walking down her driveway near the Coldspring neighborhood.

The girl has been dressed in black leggings and a teal t-shirt with the word “Seaside” on it, according to San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office.

Police officers have asked the general public to respond with the clues they have so they can easily find her.

Later that night, the police officers were able to find her. The actual investigation into how police officers made it possible to find her is not yet available. 

We will update you all with the information we get. To know how it was possible, stay connected to us.

The girl has been found, and the police officers are sharing the news on social media.

What was the update on Rachel Savell’s missing case?

The authorities launched a search mission for the case. The search was carried out by the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office (SJSO), K-9 police, DPS aircraft, law enforcement, and firefighters.

She was last seen on the 800 block of Lower Vann Route, off FM 2025, near the Coldspring neighborhood in San Jacinto County. 

The investigation occurred in the 800 block of Lower Vann Street, south of Coldspring.

Anyone who knows her location is asked to contact the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Office.

Later in the night, the Sheriff’s Office posted that Rachel had been found safe and was with the Sheriff’s Office, awaiting evaluation by paramedics and being reunited with her family.

The sheriff’s office expressed gratitude to everyone for their assistance and sharing of information.

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