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Who is Jesus Esteban Vasquez? Evelyn Guardado, 24, was Discovered Dead After Missing

Who is Jesus Esteban Vasquez

Evelyn Guardado, 24, was discovered dead after missing on January 31. In this case, Eagle Pass resident Jesus Esteban Vasquez was detained. Let’s take a closer look at Jesus Esteban Vasquez.

Evelyn Guardado Missing:

Evelyn Guardado, 24, a GEO correctional facility employee, went missing on January 31. She was last seen at Vasquez’s house on Buena Vista Drive. After she was reported missing, police began their search. The Texas Rangers and local police revealed the outcome of their hunt on Tuesday. Evelyn was discovered after a search of a property near Quemado, Texas, about 20 miles north of Eagle Pass. The discovery was made shortly after the investigation began. Authorities sealed off where the body was discovered as they processed the scene for evidence. The mother of the missing woman screamed and grieved as investigators searched the scene after learning that her daughter had died.

What Happened to Evelyn?

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, Evelyn Guardado’s body was discovered on a property near Quemado in northern Maverick County. Her body was littered with debris, and there were visible severe bruises and signs of strangling. During a news briefing on Tuesday, authorities disclosed the body’s discovery on the ranch under a dense bush. According to Breitbart Texas, Guardado’s family reported her kidnapping to local authorities, who initiated an investigation. Guardado was a certified police officer previously working as a deputy constable in Maverick County. Following several failed calls to the missing woman’s phone, family members discovered it had been turned off shortly after she went missing.

Who is Jesus Esteban Vasquez?

Jesus Esteban Vasquez, 33, has been taken to Eagle Pass on suspicion of murdering Evelyn Guardado. Jesus Esteban Vasquez, 34, was arrested in Medina County, Texas, and charged with the homicide of Guardado, who was 24 years old. Vasquez was a former coworker of the victim. Garza reports that the day Evelyn vanished, Eagle Pass resident Jesus Esteban Vasquez transported Evelyn’s Dodge from his house to an apartment. For transporting Evelyn’s Dodge from his home to a flat, Jesus Esteban Vasquez is charged with unlawful motor vehicle use. Authorities claim Vasquez works as a correctional officer at the GEO facility. Soon after, being arrested for improper use of a motor vehicle.


Guardado’s grey Dodge Charger was recovered in an Eagle Pass apartment building on Thursday. According to Federico Garza, chief of police in Eagle Pass, the automobile was confiscated as evidence. Evelyn’s relatives were frustrated and began their investigation, visiting neighbouring businesses and looking for security camera footage to help them find her. They were successful when a surveillance camera at a neighbouring department store captured her car as it entered a residential neighbourhood less than a mile from the Rio Grande. Officers were led to a nearby property where they discovered evidence that Evelyn’s automobile had previously been there before she moved into the apartment block. Chief Garza informed the media on Monday that an arrest had been made in connection with the case.

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