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Where is Michelle Mockbee’s Siblings Now?

Michelle Mockbee
Source: WLWT

“Return to the Early Shift” on NBC Dateline follows the May murder of 42-year-old Michelle Mockbee in Florence, Kentucky. The episode portrays Michelle’s family coping with the tragedy and struggling daily with those who disbelieve the perpetrator’s conviction. Michelle’s siblings—where are they? Discover.

Michelle Mockbee’s Siblings

On August 8, 1969, Patricia Harlow Whalen and John Whalen had Michelle Ann Whalen Mockbee in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky. Jennifer Schneider Ernst, Cynthia Whalen, and Christopher Whalen were her siblings. On the show, Jennifer recalled Michelle: “She was absolutely the loveliest spirit you could ever imagine. She made people feel comfortable and befriended.”

Jennifer told a tale about helping a new mother in Michelle’s girls’ school district to demonstrate her sister’s generosity. Michelle attempted to assist the woman feel at home. Jennifer said, “Michelle went out of her way to befriend this woman, to be friendly, that’s just who she was. This woman made a video describing how Michelle changed her life. Watching that was heartwarming.”

As murder trial moves back into spotlight, family keeps victim's memory in focus

Source: WLWT

The Boone County Thermo Fisher Scientific facility employed 42-year-old Michelle. David Dooley killed her early on May 29, 2012. Contractor David cleaned the plant. In 2014, David was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life for killing the mother of two.

Michelle’s family was foolish to think their terrible and heartbreaking chapter was over. After discovering the authorities concealed key information from David’s defence counsel, the court reversed the verdict. In May 2017, the court ordered a new trial, believing the evidence may have strengthened the defence. The trial began in February 2019 after many delays.

David’s new defence counsel sought to get the jury to dismiss the case by alleging Michelle’s husband, Carl D. “Dan” Mockbee, may have killed her. According to court filings, Dan acquired a large quantity of money from multiple insurance policies after his wife’s death and spent a large percentage of it that he couldn’t account for. The defence sought to blame Dan’s recklessness for the murder.

Michelle Mockbee’s Siblings—Where Are They?

Jennifer said, “Dan is lousy with money. He knows he’s bad at it. They tried to demonstrate reasonable doubt, but thank God the jury saw through it and found Dooley guilty.” David received another 43-year sentence. Michelle’s siblings applauded the prosecutors and detectives for their work.

They also said they did such interviews to convince “naysayers” David was guilty. Jennifer stated, “Our intention is always when we agree to do these interviews, that it’s depicted to show the truth and perhaps the sceptics out there after seeing it would realise the person really is guilty.” She continued, “We’re still missing Michelle exactly like the day it occurred. It’s disappointing that the spotlight was on the accused man rather than the victim.”

Since Michelle was slain on Memorial Day weekend, the siblings dreaded that holiday. They eventually adjusted. Jennifer stated, “Cindy brought up a nice point, that Memorial Day was her (Michelle) final holiday with us, and we should kind of embrace that and honour her life. She changed my perspective.”

The siblings concluded the programme with, “We’re a strong family, and we’ve become even closer because of this. I think Michelle would be proud of how we’ve supported each other during this.” Jennifer and Eric Schneider live in Hebron, Kentucky, while Cynthia and Mike Whalen live in Amelia, Ohio. Christopher and Cynthia Whalen reside in Union, Kentucky.

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