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Susana Morales Missing: What Happened? 16-Year-Old Found Dead

Susana Morales Missing

The Gwinnett County Medical Examiners’ Office has identified Susana Morales, 16, as the person whose body parts were discovered on Highway 316 on Monday. According to authorities, the teen’s relatives reported missing her in late July. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to Susana Morales.

Susana Morales Missing: What Happened?

Morales’ family members told to police that they had not seen her since the evening of July 26. Morales allegedly called her mother that evening at 9:40 p.m. to inform her that she was going to Windscape Village Lane, where she lived. Officials confirmed that Morales was walking in that direction between 10:07 and 10:21 p.m., according to an app on her phone, but detectives said they had reason to believe she got into a car. Between 10:21 and 10:26 p.m., her phone revealed she was around Oak Loch Trace and Steve Reynolds Boulevard. Her phone continued to ping that location until it stopped off or died. Morales never returned home. “It does appear that she has been there for some time,” Jennifer Richter of the Gwinnett County Police Department told FOX 5.

What is Susana Morales’s Cause of Death?

On February 6, officers were dispatched to the area between Drowning Creek and Barrow County in response to a complaint of what appeared to be human remains in the forest. Gwinnett County Police confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the remains discovered near Drowning Creek on Monday are those of the missing 16-year-old Norcross girl. Susana Morales went missing on July 26, 2022. According to police, her remains were discovered by a bystander near Drowning Creek and the Barrow County line around 6:30 p.m. The Gwinnett Medical Examiners’ office determined that Morales’ DNA was present after conducting a DNA test on the bones. Authorities have not revealed the reason for her death or any potential suspects.

Tributes to Susana Morales:

Anyone with information regarding the crime is asked to call the police at (770) 513-5300. According to some Facebook posts, the police initially treated the situation as a runaway case. Susana’s relatives told the police that she has no history of running away and that she generally keeps in touch with her family. Her mother even implored everyone, including the police, to spread Susana Morales’s information on social media. Susana Morales’ death has upset her family and friends, and condolences have flooded in from all over the neighbourhood. During this sad time, many individuals have expressed their condolences and offered support to Susana Morales’ loved ones on social media.

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