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Search for Tyler Doyle Has Been Ongoing for Two Weeks Now

Search for Tyler Doyle Has Been Ongoing for Two Weeks Now
Search for Tyler Doyle Has Been Ongoing for Two Weeks Now

Tyler Doyle, 22, has been missing in North Myrtle Beach for two weeks. It was reported that one person had been rescued from the boat. Tyler hasn’t been seen since that time.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and coastal agencies have been searching the waters daily. In North Carolina, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is also searching by boat for Doyle.

What happened to Tyler Doyle?

Since January 26, Tyler Doyle has been missing after his small boat sank near the Little River jetties.

Reed Doyle, Tyler’s younger brother, says Tyler fell overboard in rough water.

While they were hunting ducks, he said waves smashed into the jetty from behind.

“The waves took over the back of the boat, taking Tyler with them. It’s been a long time since we’ve searched for him, and we don’t know where he is.”

Is Tyler Doyle Dead?

There is no information about whether he is still alive or has passed away. We cannot say anything about Tyler Doyle’s body since it hasn’t been found yet.

The mysterious disappearance of Doyle has sparked some outrageous theories.

The question of what happened to Tyler Doyle has become a topic of speculation and debate on social media. Others questioned where the donations raised via GoFundMe went, while others criticized the family’s suspicious behavior.

There were also many who questioned how Doyle’s friend was saved but not him.

Lakelyn Doyle, Doyle’s wife, who is allegedly pregnant, posted a picture with the message, “Don’t stop praying. According to a Facebook post she shared earlier this week, the items belonging to her husband were found near Ocean Isle Beach.

A friend might have murdered him, but others believed it might have been his wife.

A few internet users compared it to the case of another man who went missing before being found murdered. Others referred to Tyler’s previous court case as a possible ploy to get away with the crime.

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Tyler Doyle has been missing for two weeks now, and the search continues

Search and rescue personnel have faced constant challenges due to bad weather in recent years.

A tweet from the department on Tuesday said that the search had been shifted north due to ocean and current conditions.

On Wednesday, North Carolina’s SCDNR and Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office searched Tyler Doyle’s boat.