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Kindergarten Teacher 33 Was Found Buried in a Shallow Grave

The 33-year-old kindergarten teacher was found buried in a shallow grave.
Image Source: People

A kindergarten teacher’s body was found in a shallow grave near her home on Tuesday.

Police have identified her as a missing person who had been missing since Monday.

What happened with Kindergarten Teacher Luz Hernandez?

Luz Hernandez was a kindergarten teacher at Beloved Charter School.

Her family and colleagues filed a missing complaint when she did not turn up for work on Monday. 

Her family members realized they hadn’t talked to her over the weekend.

The Jersey City Police Department conducted a welfare check at her residence as a follow-up to the complaint.

During the investigation, police found a few blood splatters in Luz Hernandez’s house. 

The police found Luz Hernandez’s body within 48 hours of the complaint.

The Homicide Unit of the Jersey City Police Department found a shallow grave near Luz Hernandez’s house.

Police said that they found compressions on Hernandez’s neck. The cause of death was blunt force trauma and compressions. 

What is the current status of this investigation?

According to the police, the female body was a kindergarten teacher, so the investigation was turned over to the Homicidal Investigation Department.

Still, they are yet to find the culprit responsible. 

The Homicidal Investigators inquired about Hernandez’s neighbors and colleagues.

The result was not positive. All of them testified that Luz Hernandez was a lovely lady, and it is hard to believe that someone would do something cruel to her.

The investigation is currently ongoing, and the police are yet to make any official arrests.

Family members and friends mourn her loss:

Luz Hernandez was a mother of three children. Two of them used to study at the same school.

Her family is heartbroken by the devastating news. One of her cousins showed her grief by remembering their lovely sister and urged the police to get her sister justice. 

The rest of her family members are still in shock and trying their best to cope with the sudden loss.

Everyone who knew Luz Hernandez wanted the police to find the person responsible for this as soon as possible. 

The Beloved Charter School was closed on Wednesday to honor the loss of their teacher.

Students and teachers mourned the loss of their own. During the memorial, one of Luz Hernandez’s six-year-old students left a small note saying I love you. 

The founder of Beloved Charter School showed his grief and condolences to the Hernandez family.

He also said that the Hernandez family was now the responsibility of the Beloved family. Hernandez’s family is now a part of the Beloved Charter School family. 

Luz Hernandez was a cherished soul by everyone, and her death left a permanent hole in their heart.

Let’s hope the police department finds the culprit quickly and give them the punishment they deserve. 

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